Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Oh that Belly!

I have always thought taking belly pictures would be one of my favorite things during pregnancy. It is always fun to see how people change from week to week. Sadly, when it finally came down to me actually taking the pictures, I was really a slacker! I guess I felt like there was not much to show, so I never really gave it much thought. Luckily, I did manage to take a few. 
So now, for your viewing pleasure, the belly show:
{19 weeks}
{21 weeks}
{31 weeks}
{33 weeks}
{34 weeks}
{35 weeks}
{37 weeks}
Pretty fun! I wish I would have taken more, but I'm glad I have some! I can't wait for our little man to join us!

Rivers Edge

Over Memorial Day Weekend, Bryce and I were able to sneak in a fun little getaway. We rented a cabin at River's Edge, in Heber City, and had a grand old time. The weather kept us inside more than we would have preferred, but we still had plenty of fun. Bryce was able to get some fishing in, we took several nice drives, shopped at Park City, and just took it easy watching movies in the cabin. It was great to spend time together without a care in the world! Here are just a couple pictures we took to document.
{Gathering firewood...when we were told not to :)}
{Being silly outside our cabin}
{Fishing the Provo}
{Fish on! Until it got off again...dang it!}
{He loves this SO much!}
{Fishing at Smith and Morehouse. Yes, it snowed while we were there.}

Signs of a Baby

We are getting all ready for baby boy to join us!
You can see signs of it throughout the house!
{Bouncer Seat}
{Diapers, blankets, burp cloths, diaper bag, books}
{Stroller & car seat}
{Crib buddies}
{Sweetest little fuzzy suit}
I think we are pretty much ready. I can't believe we are getting so close to D Day! I am now officially "full term" and last week at my appointment things were at a 1 cm and 50% thinned. The doctor told me she would not be surprised if he came a week or so early! WOW! Our emotions are running wild everyday. They range from anxious, to nervous, to excited, to scared, to plain just can't wait! 

We have been so well taken care of by our family and friends! 
Thank you to everyone who has given us the things we need to be ready for our little man! We appreciate all the love and kindness that has been shown to us! Now, we wait! :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

For the Love of Fish

Bryce loves fish. This is how we spent one evening last week:

{First, you catch the fish in a net. Next, you put them in the bucket.}
{Then, you get a really tight grip on them.}
{Last, you measure their jaw; both top and bottom}
{The result: one happy man!}
 I think Bryce could spend all day and all night talking and/or thinking about fish! He just loves them! I will admit I do not quite understand it, but I will also admit that I am glad he has something he loves so much. It is great that he is making a career out of something he is so passionate about. The above pictures are taken at a USU fish research facility in Millville. Bryce was collecting jaw measurements for some undergraduate research he is doing. Lucky Trevor was his little helper for the evening. I think they had fun. I sure complain about fish a lot, but I am so proud of everything Bryce is involved with! 
You are the best, honey!

Cobbler and Games

Several weeks ago we had Sam and Alex Spendlove come to our house for some cobbler. We played a little Qwirkle while they were over. It was a fun little date night. Just wanted to document :) Thanks Sam and Alex for the fun!!

Mothers Day

This mothers day was a nice one. Sweet Bryce gave me some wonderful summer decorations for our house.

I have actually been wanting the ladder for years! Literally!! There is a different packet for each holiday and season and they each have different things you hang on the ladder.  It was a super thoughtful gift! I can't wait to get some packets so I can put it out on our porch! On Mothers Day we were able to see both of our moms, which was great! We love them both so much! Mothers Day is a special day for women. All women should celebrate it. Women are mothers by nature. Whether they have kids or not is of little consequence. I am grateful to be a women and I'm excited for the new adventure of motherhood that will soon be mine. I am sure I still don't even know the extent of what being a "mom" really means, but I cannot wait! I sure love this active, little guy inside me! I can't wait to hold him and love him! 
Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers in our lives!

Baby Boy Roholt

My awesome mom and sisters threw the little man and me a shower last weekend. It was perfect! Everything was so nicely put together and looked just great! We had a good turn out, too! It was fun to see so many family members and friends! Baby Boy sure got spoiled! Bryce and I are so grateful for the love and support that our family and friends have shown us! Thanks to everyone that came to the shower and thank you for your generosity!!
We appreciate you more than you know!

{Cute sisters}
 With less than 5 weeks until D Day, reality is really starting to sink in! I am still feeling very good, though I am getting more uncomfortable as the days go by. Bryce has been sweet and supportive through it all. I am lucky I have him! We can't wait to meet this little man that we have been preparing for!

GREAT news!!

I have a fun announcement to make... 

I got a new job!! 

Yes, it is true! Here I am, due with a baby in less than five weeks, and I am making a career change. Crazy, yes! But, worth it, YES!! The position is a 30 hour position in the College of Agriculture at Utah State. I will be advising students in the aviation program and assisting faculty and staff in the Technology and Engineering Education program. I am extremely excited about the people I will be working with, and I can't wait to work with the students! As far as I can tell, it is a win, Win, WIN situation! Our prayers have been answered! I start the new position June 1. Wish me luck!! :)