Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Congrats my Sister!

Congratulations sister! I am so happy for you!!

Tyanna and Trevor got married this past weekend!
It was such a beautiful day!
Welcome to the family Trevor!
We could not be happier for you both!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Day Off

Last week Bryce and I both took a day off work and went up to The Canyons together. What a beautiful day!! We both got a bit of a sunburn in fact! Ahh! Perfect ski day! We had season passes to The Canyons during high school so it was fun to go back to the resort together and reminisce about our old memories. A lot has changes up there! We have changed a lot too! We were once able to ski hard ALL day long...not so much anymore. We were only up on the mountain for a couple of hours when we decided to call it a day. Our old bodies just could not hack it! But do you know what, it was fine! We just enjoyed being together!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

House Pictures!

This is truly just a Sneak Peek. I have not found the time to get new pictures of all the rooms with our stuff in them...ok, to be honest, I have not found the rooms clean enough to want to take pictures of them! We are still trying to figure out how and where we want our stuff. But, here is a look at the inside of OUR house.

The tour: looking from the dining area to the stairs and hallway to the bedrooms...looking from the dining area to the front living room...Looking from the living room to the dining/kitchen area...kitchen...master bedroom.

So there you have it :) We love it! Hopefully I will get things organized soon so I can post more fun pictures.

My Love

Now, don't mind the weird face, but isn't this just adorable! I get such a kick out of Bryce! Last night I got out his "foot bubbler" and filled it with hot water for him to relax with.
He did his homework as he sat. He is so funny!

Thanks, Bryce, for taking on such much! You work so hard for our family and I really appreciate all you do!!
You are my best friend! I love you!