Sunday, June 23, 2013

Not a baby anymore!

Stratton is one! Holy cow! This year went so fast. It is unreal to think that one year ago we were bringing this new little thing home from the hospital. Now we have a little creature that we can hardly contain. Stratton is such a good little guy! We love having him in our family. I feel especially blessed that my Heavenly Father trusted me to be a mother to this special spirit. Stratton's face lights up a room. He is friendly to everyone. If we are at the store, out to eat, or walking in the neighborhood, Stratton turns heads :)

My good friend Emily Beus came over a few days before Stratton's birthday to get some pictures of him. He was not a very good cooperator when we were inside with the studio lights. Perhaps he was wondering why were making him sit on something that he thought he would certainly fall off?? We got a few shots that were fun. 

We headed outside in our backyard to take smash cake pictures, and Stratton really started to liven up. It was a lot of fun. Good thing his dad was around to get some great smiles! I was DYING when I saw how stinkin cute the pictures turned out! THANK YOU Emily!

{Are you kidding me?!! ADORABLE!}

{He LOVED the yellow balloon!}

{Notice how clean he is, and how dirty his pants are...typical little boy!}
Yesterday we had a little birthday party for Stratton. We invited all of our family, and we are thankful for those that came to support us, and help us wish Stratton a Happy Birthday! We had hot dogs and cupcakes. Stratton got A LOT of fun gifts. It was such a fun day!

{Gifts from AL - Thanks Whit and Curtis!}

 Stratton, thank you for joining our family. You are such a happy little guy, and you make us happier too! You make our life more complete! We love you!


It's been a while

My goodness. It has been such a long time since I have published a new blog post. There is no way I can share everything from the months that I have lost, but I will give a little bit of a recap and hope to make more time for this online-journal we call a blog. 

Today is June 23, 2013. That means we have had our little Stratton boy for a year and a day. I cannot begin to express the fullness of joy that he brings into our home. I love that little man more than anything else I can think of. He is such a busy body, and I love every second of it! He is walking now. That began about 11 months. He will grab a toy and walk from room to room for literally hours. He cracks us up with every face, every wiggle, and every jibber jabber. He loves to talk. He uses his tongue all the time, something I cannot explain, and that is just the cutest thing! He loves music, and loves to dance when he hears a beat. I am hoping there is some talent there! Stratton has good days and bad days when it comes to sleeping and eating. He loves to eat solid foods from our plates, and most times thinks he is too big for bottles. We go for his year check up tomorrow. I am curious to see where he is at with his measurements. My guess is he is close to 28 pounds. He is as solid as they come. I love all his little rolls! He is my little buddy, and he really is the heart of our sweet family! Ooh!! I just love him so much!!

{Stratton's first haircut}
{Stratton's cool mow-hawk}

{Stratton's first steps outside}

{Birthday boy}
Summer has been good to our family. Bryce is working full time for the US Forest Service. It is nice for him to work in Logan so he does not have to make a commute each day. He really enjoys his job. Pretty much he gets to fish everyday. You probably share my expression when I say "That is work?!" But, yes. It is. And he loves it. I am proud of everything that he is doing. This last spring semester he went to several professional meetings and presented a poster about the research he had been conducting throughout the school year. Way to go, sweatheart! You are wonderful and I am glad you have something you are so good at! I am working as the academic advisor for the aviation technology programs at USU. It is THE BEST job I could ask for! I have a wonderful boss, awesome coworkers, and the best students. Another perk is that I am working only 30 hours. That means that me and Stratton spend every afternoon together. I treasure the time! One more cool thing about my job is that I have taken several airplane rides with my students. Tomorrow I am being flown to a recruitment event in Boise, ID. Now that is workin!! I have found time to complain a little this summer. School is still consuming my Tuesday evenings. I am SO ready to be done! Thankfully, classes will be done this summer (YES!!! That means like 8 more weeks), and my 400 something hours of internship will wrap up in the school year. I will let you know when you can start calling me MASTER!

{Our families new TOY! Rainbow Cleaning System!}
{Bryce and his scholarship awards}
{Sisters at Ty's shower}
{My first graduating class - graduation was SO fun}
{Just taking a flight at work}
{Family pictures - May 2013}
{Bennington Family pictures - we sure love this crew!}
{Sweet little Sawyer}
{Stratton and Grandpa Gygi}
{Sawyer and Stratton}
{The boys mowing the lawn}
On the church side of things, we are loving our ward. Bryce was called a few months ago to serve in the elders quorum. They recently released the president, and Bryce was recalled to serve with him. I think it will be a growing calling for us both. I need to learn how to better have a service oriented heart! About a month ago I was called to serve in the primary presidency. I had been serving as a gospel doctrine instructor, so honestly, I feel like I am on a break! Seriously though, I am really looking forward to serving the children in the Logan River 5th Ward. The ladies I am working with a great as well! All around a good deal. 

As you can see, we are truly blessed! Life is good, and we are thankful for all the wonderful things we have to enjoy!