Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Guy

Stratton was such a grump this morning. It seemed that if he was not sleeping, he was crying. He cried before, during, and after I fed him. I could not figure out quite why he was so mad. Thankfully, that all turned around this evening. He was SUCH a happy little thing! Even though I can think his cry is pretty darn cute, I much prefer happy Stratton.

  I love you little man!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun Little Outings!

We have been having some fun times this summer. We went camping with my family for a couple days before the 24th of July and we went to Bear lake with Bryce's family on the 24th. It has been so fun! Stratton has been such a good little guy to cooperate with us carting him all over the place. We have loved having him around to enjoy. All of our family members have too!
{Whit burping Stratton on our way to Marsh Lake}
{Our clever fire menagerie}
{Waiting out the rain in the trailer}
{Stratton in his cute sleeper}
{Sitting with Grandma Bennington in the trailer}
{Hanging out with mom outside}
{Stratton napping in the trailer}
{Getting packed around by dad}
{Stratton and Grandpa Bennington}
{Morning campfire}
{The breakfast chefs}
{Yummy breakfast}
{Playing King Pin}
{On a walk to China Lake}
{Everyone caught something!}
{Hanging out at the campfire}
{Cute little couple}
{Stratton's first Bear Lake outing}
{Stratton, Chelsea, Jayci}
{Our beach camp}
{Hot dogs for lunch!}
{Getting loved by Grandma Roholt}
{Stratton was so content with Grandma}
Thanks to all our family for letting us join you for the fun!

Monday, July 16, 2012


Tonight we gave Stratton his first real bath. He was so cute during it! I think he really liked it! I may have enjoyed it even more than he did :) I was laughing and oohing and awing the whole time! 
We sure love this little man! 

{Thanks, Alison, for the cute bather!}
{What a fun family night!}

Monday, July 9, 2012

The Happenings

We are pretty in love with Stratton! He is such a joy! It was wonderful to spend time together as a family during his first week. Bryce is working in Ogden as a seasonal technician at the Division of Wildlife and they were kind enough to give him a whole week off so he could spend time at home. I don't think I could have made it through the days without him! Simple tasks seemed like projects. He was a huge support and wonderful help! Thanks, honey!!

We had so much fun getting to know Stratton! The days flew by with feedings, changings, and long periods of staring at the new little angel that is now part of our family. It is amazing to know we have this little guy forever! How thankful we are that our Heavenly Father trusts us enough to have him!

{Who would have thought we could spend so much time at the changing table!}
{The first of many getting-peed-on experiences}
{If you pee on yourself, dad gives you your first bath}
{These two are very good at hanging out together!}
{I can't get over how stinkin cute Stratton is!}
{Proud little family}
{Stratton is such a content little guy}
{Tiny little buddy! I could do this all day...and I pretty much do!}
 We love you Stratton! 
Thank you for bringing so much joy and love into our home!

Stratton's Debute: Part 2

After we spent some time with Stratton in our delivery room, they moved us to the mother/baby floor where we would spend the rest of our hospital stay. Stratton was wide awake and looking all around. It was fun to have him so alert! Shortly after we got to our room, Bryce's mom and dad and Paige came in to visit. Like everyone else, they thought Stratton was just about the sweetest baby there was! 

{Grandma and Grandpa Roholt}
{Aunt Paige}
 A nurse came in to give Startton his first bath. She gave him a sponge bath on a pad at the foot of my bed. Stratton did not like it at all. He cried for the whole thing. But, we all still thought he was cute! Next, she washed his hair. He was still a bit fussy because of the bath trauma, but he actually liked that part. 

{Stratton's first bath}
{Washing Stratton's head}
 We let our visitors stay for just a minute longer, and then decided to make the first attempt at nursing. It went ok. He latched for a bit on each side and just long enough on one side to give me a little battle wound. The nurse brought me some nipple cream and a nipple shield to help with that. He was able to do much better with the help of the nipple shield. It was great to be with just Stratton and Bryce. It was our new little family! I can still hardly believe it!

{Bryce was immediately in love}
{Happy new Dad!}
{New mom}
{Precious little Stratton}

By now it was like 1 am and we were all tuckered right out! We kept Stratton in our room with us for the first night. He was restless. He kept making little noises and coughing up amniotic fluid. Needless to say, we got little sleep! 

The next morning, Saturday, we got up to go to a breast feeding class. It was good. Breast feeding is something I always knew I wanted to do. I just never realized it was such a project. In my mind it seems like such a natural thing. That mom and baby will both know exactly what to do and do it without a fuss. Not so. Thankfully, I have the help of the nipple shield and I am glad to say nursing is going very well for me and Stratton. It has been a positive experience. 

Throughout the day Saturday, we had several visitors. We did not get pictures of everyone, but thank you to those that came to show support! 

{Grandma and Grandpa Bennington and my aunt Paula}
 We took our first family photo! I think we are a pretty good looking bunch!

{New and improved Roholt family}
 On Sunday we were ready to get our little man home. We got cleaned up, went through some paperwork with the nurse, and headed out. It was funny to think we were taking this little guy home with us to stay. We left without and baby, and walked back in with a baby! So nuts!! And so wonderful! 

{Ready to leave the hospital}
{Welcome Home Stratton!}
{Here we are!}
{Stratton looked so cute in his little outfit!}
 We had more family and friends come over on Sunday evening. Everyone wanted to come admire the new little addition!

{Uncle Curtis and aunt Whit}

{Aunt Tyanna and uncle Trevor}
{The new mom and dad with the new grandparents}
 The few days following Stratton's birth are now a bit of a blur. I wish I would have documented things a bit sooner. Time has just been flying! Here are some pictures of a couple of visitors that made it over to meet the new little man. 

{Aunt Chelsea}
{Uncle Wyatt}
{Great Grandpa Zoellner}
{My aunt Jan}
 We want to thank everyone who has shown us love and support! Thanks to the family and friends that brought us yummy meals to make it through the first couple days. We really appreciate your kindness! 

Bryce and I are still getting used to having Stratton as part of our family. It is certainly an adjustment. But, at the same time, it feels like he fits in perfectly. It seems like he is meant to be here with us! We can't imagine life without him already! We are grateful for the sweet spirit he has brought into our home!