Sunday, November 25, 2012


This year we ate Thanksgiving dinner with the Bennington family. Always a good time with them! 

 Our little family sure has a lot to be thankful for. We are grateful each day to our Heavenly Father for giving us so many wonderful things to enjoy! Happy Thanksgiving!!

Three big ones!

On November 13, Bryce and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. I had work and meetings all day and class all night, so the actual day was uneventful, to say the least. Bryce did surprise me with flowers and a nice gift though! I made him a silly little cake out of a few of his favorite things. It was a simple but fun way to celebrate our special day. The Saturday following our anniversary, my mom and dad watched Stratton so we could go on a date to the Bountiful temple. It was a beautiful day! We stopped to eat a yummy Cafe Rio dinner before heading to the temple. When we got in the car after eating, I opened my wallet to grab my temple recommend, and it was nowhere to be found. Great! Yup, I forgot it! Our temple date ended before it really even started, but it was still a fabulous evening. 
This was the first time we left Stratton for a true date night.
Thanks mom and dad for watching him!

Bryce, thank you so much for a wonderful three years! We have had our ups and downs, but there is no one else I would rather share it with. You are my best friend! You are a great husband, a wonderful father, and my best example! I am lucky to be yours! Love you so much! Here is the many, many more!

When your brother comes home from a mission...

You paint his welcome home sign on the cement factory!!!
{Cole has bee serving in Peru. We had to include a llama}

Can't wait to see you on Thursday, Cole!!


Stratton is quite the little player now! Oh, he is so fun! Here are just a few shots of him playing.



Halloween came all too quickly for us! We cannot believe how fast time is flying!

Bryce wanted to be that house that had hot chocolate and scones, so this year, we were. He did great! All the neighbors really loved it! My mom and dad and Tyanna and Trevor came over to spend the evening. It was low key, but overall, a success!
{Carving pumpkins with Tyanna and Trevor}
{Stratton's first pumpkin carving!}
{Tyanna's never got carved, but don't they look good :)}
{Scones and hot chocolate!}
{The doctor and the dwarf}
{Hunter, dwarf, scone maker}