Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Special Guy, Special Day

April 13...What a fabulous day! Bryce's birthday! Yay!!! 22 years old!

I am so glad that I get to celebrate this special day with Bryce! How magical it is to have such a great husband! I love that Bryce is so patient and caring! I cannot believe how perfect he is for me! Let's be honest...he sure does get on my nerves...a lot! :) But I would not change a thing about him! I'm so happy to call him mine!

We thought we better take advantage of the special day by sleeping in and going in to work a little bit later. We went to breakfast at Angie's! it was really fun to spend the morning laughing with each other. Bryce is so cute!

I gave Bryce a present right when we woke up...a hat! He looks so dang good in it :) But, don't think I am a cheapo and just gave him a hat. A couple weeks ago I gave him his big birthday present, a bow!

Another thing that I love about Bryce is that he loves to hunt. I think it is so dang cute! He recently took up bow hunting so he was in the market for a bow. He looked at lots of stores and shot many different brands and types. Finally, he found one at Sportsman's Warehouse. I said we better not get it yet...then I sent my dad and brother down to pick it up the next day :) The bow hid under our bed for a couple weeks but I could not take it for long. I made a birthday muffin, put up a birthday sign, and gave Bryce this bow a couple weeks ago. I was so excited! I think he liked it a lot! He was pretty excited too!

When we got home from work we decided it was time for dinner. We had been planning to go try out Rumbi Island Grill. They just put one in Logan. It was yummy (not a new favorite or anything, but good). It was just fun to be there with Bryce.

All in all, I think it was a good birthday!

Thanks Bryce for being prince charming! You are an amazing guy! A friend to everyone and a great example to me every day. I love you so much!

Happy birthday honey!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I love to see the TEMPLE!

I work with some really great gals in the Admissions Office at Utah State. In fact, they are so great that they invite me to temple picture making parties! It is true! Megan Farwell got a bunch of girls together for a fun craft day. It was really a sweet deal! They had everything we needed and it was actually quite an easy and fun process.

First we picked out four boards and matched them up to make the frame. Please notice Breea's face...matching up the pieces to make a nice looking frame was not as easy as it sounded for Breea :) haha, it was funny but after trying multiple boards multiple ways, we were all able to move on :)

Next we painted the boards.

Then, we pasted the temple print to a piece of board and rolled some texture cream over it. This made the print have a canvas-like finish. It was really cool! Don't worry...it dries clear!

After we stapled the pieces of board together, we stapled the board with the picture right to the frame. This tightened the whole thing up and made it a bit more sturdy.

Ta-da! The finished product up on our wall! What a great addition to our home!

We SO love to see the temple!


Well, Bryce and I love to go camping...so, naturally, what did we need?!
So, with some of our tax return money, we bought us some sweet new sleeping bags!

Aren't they great! We were so excited about our new toys that we opened them right up and put them on our bed! We slept with them for a couple nights and we still break them out and lay in them in the living room from time to time! We cannot wait to try these out this summer!