Friday, February 19, 2010


This post is inspired by the fact that I just found out some of my friends will be going to Hawaii for their Spring lucky for them right?!! RIGHT! It kinda got me bummed thinking about how they will be enjoying the hot, tropic sun and we will be here in Logan, just workin away...

But, then I remembered everything is fine because we have our own little taste of Hawaii right here in Cache Valley!
I know what you are thinking. Hawaii? In Logan? Yeah right! BUT!! Thanks to Pounders Hawaiian cuisine we can make it a Hawaiian night any night! YUM! Really, you should go give it a try!
The other night Bryce and I were going on a date and he suggested that we invite my parents to go with us. It was actually a pretty fun double date! We ate at Pounders then stopped to shop for a bit at Ross and Best Buy. It was fun! I'm glad we have family close so we can hang out with them from time to time!

A long weekend to remember

How nice it is to have a long weekend!! Thanks to President's Day, I was able to have Monday off from school and Bryce was able to take work off...BEAUTIFUL!! AND thanks to Alena Johnson, my family finance teacher who so kindly cancelled class, we were both able to take Tuesday off as well! How can life get any better!?

We kicked off our long weekend with the Sportsman's Expo. It was fun to walk around and see what outfitters from around the country had to offer hunting enthusiasts. My favorite part was seeing the mounted animals...there are a lot of talented people out there...taxidermy is certainly an art!

Bryce and I found a great deal on a hotel in the West Valley area...I was a little worried about the idea because, lets face it, West Valley is kinda the ghetto, but against my better judgement we booked our 3 night stay at the Baymont Inn and Suites. To our surprise, our room was very nice! They even brought us a fridge and microwave when we asked...thank you Baymont!

We went to Chili's and Nicklecade the first night. It was so fun! We checked out all the cool arcade games and did quite well at them might I add. Bryce said his favorites were horse riding and basketball. I tried a kayak one that was fun, but mostly it just frustrated :)

And, possibly the best part of all: we got a lot of sweet prizes with all the tickets we won!

On Sunday morning we went to Music and the Spoken Word. It was really neat! Neither of us had gone so it was a fun first that we could do together. The music was lovely and, as usual, MO TAB sounded great!

Bryce made us an exceptional dinner for Valentines day...microwave pasta :) We had to improvise :) It was a lot of fun! We rearranged our hotel room to be a beautiful restaurant. It was the best Valentines Day ever!

Bryce got me these beautiful flowers! We almost left Logan without them because the delivery was late. Luckily, Bryce forgot his church shoes so we went back home for a sec and we saw the flower guy getting back in his made for an interesting morning but I finally got my flowers and man, were they ever wonderful!

On Monday, we went to Cabelas in Lehi and hit up the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point after. It was a blast! It brought back memories from my good old days in Geology...we learned about the different time periods and saw a lot of cool fossils and dinosaur bones. It was actually pretty darn neat.
We also saw a 3D movie. It was sweet. We saw an oceans video. We both kept trying to grab the fish because they really did look like they were right in front of us. Don't we look cool in our glasses?! :)
On our way home on Tuesday we stopped for a bit of church history in Salt Lake. We toured the Beehive House, ate at the Lion House Pantry, and also went to the church history museum. We loved going through the Beehive House and seeing all the cool things from the time period and some things that really belonged to our dear prophet Brigham Young.

Our trip was a riot! We were both so sad to go back to work on Wednesday. It was nice to spend some time together and just relax. It is so fun to be in love with your best friend!