Tuesday, October 22, 2013

We Have Fun!!

We have been having so much fun lately! I am not really sure what I should attribute it to. Perhaps it could be the nice fall weather; an energetic one-year old that we have to keep entertained; awesome family that we enjoy being with; or a change in seasons and holidays. 

Deep down, I truly just think it is because we are happy. We are in a good place in life right now. Bryce and I enjoy our jobs; I feel so fortunate to advise one of the coolest programs at USU, and associate with such fine people; Bryce gets to work outside with the creatures he loves most - FISH! School is going well; Bryce is ready to be done, and he will be fall 2014; I am also ready to be done, and I will be spring 2014. We appreciate the opportunities and good experiences that have come to us during our education. We are anxiously looking forward to, and trying to predict, what our future may hold. Whatever it is, we are hopeful! And last but not least, we have such a happy home. Stratton, is of course, the joy of our household. He is spunky and a little sassy sometimes (I cannot imagine where he got those traits from...) but we love him for it. He is generally a happy care-free little kiddo. I am so thankful everyday that we get to have him in our family. When people say they can't remember what life was like before kids, I easily understand why. 

So, life is good. Here are a few of the fun things we have been doing the last few nights.

{Daddy took us to Mack Park in Smithfield. This also happens to be the park Bryce and I got engaged at. It was fun!}
{Stratton LOVED going down the slides with daddy!}
{I got to go down a few times as well!}
{Tyanna planned a pumpkin carving night. I am so glad she did!}
{Cole with sweet little Sawyer!}
{Stratton got to sit by grandpa ~ they are best buds! I am so glad!}
{I think our carvings were all a success. Please don't ask what Cole is doing here. Possibly a reenactment? We are just glad he was there!!! Love you , Cole!}
{Not your typical pumpkin, but I think mine turned out great!}

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hogle Zoo

This weekend was fall break at USU. That means that students get a long weekend, and the employees get nothin'. I was not about to let Bryce and Stratton have a full play day without me, so I took Friday off and we had a great day together. When we all got up Bryce said it was time to go somewhere. He had a plan all worked out and surprised us. We ended up at Hogle Zoo. It was a blast. The fall day was gorgeous, and it was so fun to explore the zoo together.

{The elephants were one of the first things we saw. Stratton loved them! They were easy for him to see, and quite active. This little baby was drinking water, and eating leaves off the groun. It was a fun way to start off the zoo trip!}

{I was looking for this lion the whole time we were at the zoo! It is the zoo's most classic icon. When I think Hogle Zoo, this lion pops into mind. It is no longer a drinking fountain, but I was happy to see this lion was still at the zoo. Stratton was a little less sure about the thing.}

{We liked the huge tiger we saw!}

{The giraffes were one of my favorite things. We got to see them outside and inside the building. It was fun to see them inside because we were able to go upstairs and be more on their level. They are sure tall old animals!}

{Stratton and I rode the carrousel. It was so fun. We originally tried to buy two tickets but the lady told us we only needed one. For some reason it did not dawn on me that she said we only needed one because standing parents rode free. This meant only one of us could ride. I was sad Bryce did not come with us, but we are glad someone could take our picture.}

{There was one gorilla out to see. Of course, as we tried to move to see him better, he kept moving further away from us.}
 I love days off with my family. I sure have been feeling so grateful for them lately. Bryce is the sweetest husband out there, and I swear we have the best little guy, ever! We are blessed to be able to spend so much time together. Life is good!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Family Day

In the second week of October I attended the NACADA Conference held in Salt Lake City. It was a great experience. I truly love my job, and I enjoy all opportunities for professional development. We were fortunate to have the national conference right in our backyard this year. One of my coworkers was gracious enough to let us stay the night at her house in Farmington. It was nice to not commute each day and not have to pay a hotel bill.
Thanks, Donna!!
{Super Advisors ~ and Luke}
Bryce and Stratton even got in on the action. Bryce only has one class on Wednesdays, so he decided to skip and he and Stratton came down on Tuesday night to spend the night and enjoy a day off in SLC. It was lovely to just be together with no agenda. It seems we rarely get to do that. We went to lunch, roamed around Temple Square, and had a jolly old time. It was super awesome that the weather was so good to us. It was a great day! Life is good!
{Temple Square gardens were as lovely as ever!}
{Sratton liked the big Christus statue}


Pumpkin Patch

On the Saturday of General Conference, I talked the family in to going over to the Oyler Pumpkin Patch down the road from my mom and dad's house. We got bundled up on that lovely fall afternoon and headed on over. It was fun to roam around and enjoy the day. Stratton had fun riding in the front of the truck with Grandma and Grandpa, and I think he enjoyed the pumpkins as well. It was a fun little trip that may become tradition!
{Don't tell that we sometimes let our child ride out of the car seat}
{The best daddy!}
{Enjoying the sun at the pumpkin patch}
{Bryce taught Stratton how to cheese it...too cute!}
{Another cheeser}
{Fun with the family!}