Friday, March 30, 2012

Wedding in SLC

Last weekend Bryce and I were able to attend my cousin Rachel's sealing. It was such a lovely day! The man who sealed them shared some wonderful insight before he married them and I felt the spirit burning so strong within me! It was nice to be there with Bryce, my mom and dad, and other family members. Rachel looked beautiful! She seems to be marrying a pretty good guy and I am so happy for her! Their day was lovely! The sun was shining and it was nice and warm.

After the ceremony, the Gygi clan headed over to the Lion House for lunch. It is quite pricey there but the food was yummy.
{On our way over to the Lion House}
After lunch we headed over to the new City Creek Center with my mom and dad. It is a new mall just south of temple square. There has been a lot of buzz about it with it barely opening so we had to check it out! We were certainly not the only ones with the idea!! I think the whole Wasatch Front was there enjoying the day at the fancy, new outdoor mall! There were people everywhere! We walked around for a bit, got some YUMMY caramel apples, and then headed back over to temple square to find a place to sit.

{Water feature at City Creek}
Rachel's reception was in the Joesph Smith Memorial building. It was on the 9th floor so we had great views of the temple and the valley. Bryce took some cool pictures of the temple as the sun set:

It was a lovely day! I am grateful our religion is part of our life! It was nice to spend a day remembering what life is all about!

Jazz Game

One Thursday my supervisor at work sent out an email asking if anyone wanted some free tickets to that nights Jazz game. Bryce and I already had plans with Melissa and Justin Schmidt but I thought the tickets were something I better jump on. I was greedy and asked for four. Happily, four were available! After work, we headed down to SLC with the Schmidts. 

The game was great! The Jazz won in over time! 
We are so grateful we have such good friends!

The Rest of Spring Break

I never got back to the blog to tell how the rest of Spring Break went. Well, it went great! We had a relaxing couple of days! It was just what we needed! On Monday we took it easy and relaxed most of the day at home. Tuesday we headed down to the Draper temple to do a session and some family sealings. It was most wonderful! We also stopped at Ikea for a bit and got a few things. 

Wednesday was errand day. We slept in then went about getting things done: fixed a few things on the white Camry, bought a few things for the house, and went to the dentist. It was so great to spend so much time with Bryce!

Thank you Spring Break! You were just what the doctor ordered!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Staycation

Spring is upon us! Last Saturday was such a beautiful day! The sun was shining and you could actually feel its warmth!! That is big for Logan right now! I put on my capris and we decided we had to take advantage of the glorious day! We met up with Tyanna and Trevor, got Subway sandwiches, and headed to Wellsville Pond for fishing and a picnic.
{Bryce, proud of his 1.5 liter Coke}
{The boys and their sodas}
{Ty got the first fish on the first cast!}
{Bryce, reeling one in}

{Bryce and his fish}
{Trevor and his fish}
{Beautiful spring day!}
Thanks Tyanna and Trevor for the fun! This day was a great kick off to Spring Break 2012! I don't really get a spring break as an employee at the university, but we figured I better take at least some of it off because who knows the next time we will have a baby free break?!! We have the next 3 days all the ourselves! We don't really have many plans, but that is the beautiful of a staycation! We can do whatever we want, whenever we want! 
Yay for Spring Break 2012!