Thursday, February 21, 2013

Contest & Catch Up

I wanted to share this cute little picture are ask anyone who sees this post between now and March 3rd to vote for Stratton in the Little Aggie Photo Contest HERE. "Like" the page, find Stratton's picture, and hit 5 stars. Vote every day! Kinda fun!

We have been super busy at our house! 
Spring semester has been going great, and going fast! 

Bryce is shaping up to be a really great student! He has been enjoying all his classes...except Stats. Any stats experts out there please stand up and help a guy out!! We are crossing our fingers that he passes (please cross yours as well!). He has taken several "work/school" trips ice fishing lately and he has had a blast. He is lucky to have found something that fits his personality so well! He is in heaven learning about fish and anything water. He has had many great opportunities through his program and he is excited at his future. He will be published in a fisheries journal this year, and we are glad that his career is off to a great start!

I have been loving this semester. My job is going so well! I love the students I advise and the people I work with. It is so refreshing to feel so supported and uplifted at work! It is seriously such a blessing! I am also doing practicum hours for my master's degree at Bear River High School once a week. I have enjoyed working with a wonderful mentor. I have also enjoyed learning that college is a better fit for me right now. High school students are fun, and I totally see potential in working in a secondary school someday, but right now, I am grateful I have my job at USU. I am SO ready to be DONE being a student. I still have classes each Tuesday night from 5-10:30, and that is something I will certainly not miss. Halleluiah that the end is in sight!

Stratton is the cutest little buddy on the planet! He is so full of life and energy (to say the least)!! He is crawling EVERYWHERE, and is too busy for his own good. He has already had several pretty good bumps and bruises, and I am expecting that to become the norm. Bryce and I get so much joy from him! We feel so lucky to have him in our home. I love being a mom, and I'm thankful I have been trusted with the great responsibility.

Life is good!