Saturday, May 21, 2011

Doing it!

I am a gardener! I have things growing in my garden...and no! NOT only weeds! I was so excited when I saw the little green tops of the potatoes stickin' up! I was kinda proud even :) Potatoes and carrots are all we have in there right now, but I have big plans for our little garden! I have tomato, broccoli, and strawberries plants and I have seed for zucchini, 2 types of cucumber, peas, and pumpkin. What a fun summer we've got ahead of us!
Now, bring on the nice weather!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Funny little guy!

A couple weeks ago I just had to laugh at a funny little sight…pictures this with me now…black, little pygmy goat standing on a donkey, also standing. I know, right?! It was really a funny thing! I laughed as I drove down the road! Well, I really wished I had taken a picture because as I told the story, Bryce found it kind of hard to believe. Needless to say, each time I drive past my little barnyard friends, I have my camera handy. Today as I was heading back to work after lunch I had to pull over and snap a couple pictures…

Not quite what I saw before, but still worth a laugh and a picture! The little black goat was lying on the donkey! I had to pull over for a quick picture! When I was getting ready to drive away, he stood up! So there you go! Not quite what I saw before, but still entertaining! Thank you little goat for making me laugh this afternoon :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

We are busy!

My oh my!! It is mid-May! We cannot believe how fast time has been flying by! And, there are no signs of it slowin' down! It seems like a lot has happened since I last posted. Lets see what I can come up with:
  • Bryce finished up the school year: A, B+, C+, C-...we were pretty stoked about the results! I am so proud of you honey! Way to go!! 2 semesters down... :)
  • We are still working on getting settled at our house: planting potatoes, carrots, and bulbs, pulling weeds, mowing the lawn (we tried 3 mowers before we found one that worked...thanks Dad for all your help!), hanging pictures, pulling weeds, organizing the garage, pulling weeds (who would have thought 1 yard could have SO many weeds!), and painting a new desk for me (pictures coming soon). We LOVE our house! It is so fun to have something of our own to take pride in.
  • We got a new desktop computer in hopes that I will start working from home part-time! We are really excited about that possibility! I LOVE the new computer! So nice!
  • Bryce stared his summer jobs: 7 days a week! SEVEN!! He works 5 days a week at the Logan Fish Hatchery and 2 days a week at the Division of Wildlife Resources main office in Ogden. He has already done a lot of sweet things and he is having fun. He decided to give job #3 (sorting pallets) a break for the summer. We are really glad he did!
  • I was accepted into the Professional School Counseling Education masters program at USU!! I am so excited to start this fall. It should be a lot of fun! AND....I received a SCHOLARSHIP!! Does not get much better than that!
  • Bryce had several concrete jobs...we spent a lot of our days off doing concrete...yes WE! He let me help :) I was very impressed with his skill and the extra money was a BIG help for us.
  • I completed year 1 in the USU Admissions Office! I really do enjoy my job. It certainly has it challenges but it is also very fun. The big thing going on now are high school scholarship awards nights...I went to Bear River last week and it was fun to see some familiar faces! The student are definitely one of the highlights of my job!
  • Easter, mothers day, birthdays, FHE's...we have had a lot of opportunity to be with family! Things are going really well there! We love our families so much! It is nice to have them near by!

I'm sure there are things I am missing, but I will stop there. As you can see, we are so blessed! We have a lot of fun things going on and we are truly blessed in ever aspect of our lives!