Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun Family Outings

We had a really fun weekend! We went to dinner with my family
for Whit's birthday Friday night and we went to dinner and an
Aggie Basketball game with Bryce's family on Saturday night.
It was so nice to spend time with everyone!

We love our family!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Love them AGGIES!!!

Bryce and I have had a lot of fun attending Aggie Basketball games this year. My office often has tickets left over so we have been able to attend quite a few. This was our first picture with Big Blue! Ah! So fun! Gotta love them Aggies!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Month of Joy

We had a great December. The semester ended for Bryce (he passed ALL his classes, YAY), I got some days off work (not NEAR enough but again, YAY), we visited with family and friends, Christmas, my birthday, and New Years. A lot was going on for our family. We really enjoyed the time we were able to spend together! It seems we can never get enough of it!

We were spoiled all month! We both got a lot of fun things for Christmas. Bryce's favorite gifts were a wild rag (aka silk scarf), a nice jacket, a hunting movie, and a bear rug (that will be done in February). My favorite things were a nice blue coat, clothes, and photography classes. We also got a cool cache cooker and a Garmin GPS from our folks. Like I said, spoiled!

I sure got spoiled for my birthday too! I will add, it was one of the best birthdays ever!! Bryce had my name announced on the Kix 96 Birthday Round Up, took me to Tangled, got me some beautiful flowers, and really just treated me like a princess all day. But, he usually does do that! We had a little party that evening at my mom and dad's house. It was a very nice day.

Over the break we visited Temple Square, went on several rides looking for animals, and went the Hardware Ranch. It was great to be able to have the time to do whatever we wanted!

I also added one sad picture from January below...one of my first days back at work after the holiday I was hit in the parking terrace up on campus. Our beautiful red car has a nice crack right up the corner! I was so sad. I cried! Luckily, it seems like the insurance of the gentleman that hit me is going to take really good care of us. I hope that holds true!!

We are lucky kids! We live a wonderful and we are happy! What a good way to end the year!