Saturday, January 11, 2014


We added a new member to our family recently!
 I am not sure how I gave into this, but Bryce got a dog the first week of December. I blame...well...I can't decide who to blame. On Thanksgiving day Bryce's counsin, Nels, had a new lab pup. The puppy was a screaming deal, and Bryce really wanted to buy one. I said the answer was NO! The next day Bryce got a call from his dad saying that he was headed up to Grace to buy Wyatt one of the labs. He asked Bryce if he wanted him to pick one up for him. My answer was NO! He called back a few minutes later and said he would pay for it... I reluctantly agree. Luckly (I thought) there was only one dog left, and Kody bought it for Wyatt. I thought we had made it out safe. Apparently not. Over the next few days Bryce and his family were all searching the classifieds for possible dogs for Bryce. Bryce came upon a liter of German Short-Haired pups in Rigby, ID. He called on them and asked the lady to save one for him. I left work early so we could go pick it up. Again...I am not really sure who to blame for this, but he is now part of the family. We named him Fin. He is a cute little thing, and I am glad Bryce loves him so much! I guess I agree that he was a good addition. Welcome to the fam, 'ol Fin!

Thanks, Kody, for making Bryce's dream of having a hunting dog of his own come true!


We celebrated Thanksgiving...I just never got around to posting about it...
{Stratton made this darling turkey hat at daycare. Of course, the thankful feathers say daddy, mommy, and dinosaurs.}

 We went to Thanksgiving in Idaho at Byrce's aunt Deita's house. We left early on the trip up in hopes that Stratton could get a good nap in before things got wild with cousins. Of course, that did not happen. He was awake the whole drive! We even took the long route through Oneida Narrows. Bryce and Stratton got out of the car to check out the water. Fun little pit stop. 

 Our dinner with family was excellent! I enjoy spending time with the Roholt extended family. It is always a fun time with them. Stratton played with cousins Hudson and Brystol, and he loved following them around. We also got to take a ride in the Jensen's new Viking side by side. I had fun, but I think Stratton loved it! It is good to spend holidays with family we love. I also enjoyed getting a day off work. I am grateful for any reason that gives me more time with my little man. I love my job, but being home with Stratton for relaxing days is the best!!
{My special little guy!}

 Especially when we make a fort, and Stratton makes happy faces like those!
Love you, buddy!

Christmas 2013

This Christmas was a great one.

 December 23 was the traditional Bennington family party. This year we had it at my Grandma and Grandpa's church. It was great to have more space to let the {crazy} kids run around. It was fun that one of my kiddos was running around this year. Stratton hardly at a bite because there was so much fun to be had with all the cousins. It was also fun that my hubby was one of the few adults running around with the kids too. I am pretty sure he thinks he is still one of them. It will be no surprise to you that my dad was the other adult running with them all :) Santa came to the party, and that was fun. I thought Stratton was going to be scared of him, but he did not cry, so that was good. I think he sat with him in hopes of getting the present that he had in his hands. We have taught him so well. Stratton got a toy tractor from Santa {thanks mom and dad!}. He also got one of those annoying toys that pops the balls when you push/pull it around. Thanks grandma and grandpa Bennington, even if Bryce and I are not super fond of it, he really does love that! I sure love my Bennington family. It is fun to have such a good relationship with aunt, uncles, and cousins. I hope that is a tradition that last for many, many years to come. 
{The party was at the was so nice to have a place for kiddos to run around!}

{Stratton and Kotah}
{When Santa came in, Stratton stayed right in his seat and kept a close eye on him. He was no scared though, so that was good!}
{Stratton was so cute and kept showing great Grandma and Grandpa his new tractor}
{Thanks, Grandma and Grandpa Bennington for the tractor!}

{The kiddos enjoying their toys from Santa and great Grandma and Grandpa}
 On Christmas Eve, we started a new family tradition at Bryce's request - Christmas Cookies! He said he loves them so I suggested making them for the party we had later that day. It was fun to make them together. I think it is something our kids will enjoy when they get bigger too. Good idea, honey!

{Ready to bake!}
{They look pretty cute, huh!}
After the cookie baking/decorating and naps we headed over to my mom and dad's house. Typically, and for my entire life, we get together with everyone on my mom's side of the family on Christmas Eve. I am talking, my mom's cousins here. It has been a fun tradition. This year, we decided to break the mold. My mom and dad are now the grandparents, and decided they would host a Christmas party for their family. It was fun that my mom's siblings decided to join us. We still had the traditional potato soup. It was great. 
{Stratton entertainment everyone at my mom and dads house}
After dinner we headed over to Bryce's mom and dad's house. For the last few years we have joined them for new comfy PJs and a Christmas story.
{Found this huge candy cane}
{Silly boy!}
{New PJs - thanks Grandma Roholt!}
{Stratton helped Grandma read}
 After spending some fun time with the Roholts, we headed home. We still had not set up Stratton's toy from Santa, and I was SO excited to do it. On Christmas morning Bryce and I woke up before Stratton. I don't think the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning will ever go away for me; I hope it doesn't! It is just so exciting to wake up and wonder what magic the day will hold. When Stratton woke up Bryce and I got him out of his crib and tried to get him excited about Santa bringing him something. I think it worked. We headed into the living room and he saw the toy that was set up for him. It was a Fisher Price Little People Zoo. He looked it over and then we gave him some animals to open. I think he enjoyed that part! We only got Stratton the one toy and had grandmas and grandpas and cousins add animals to it. I don't really love the mess that toys bring to my house, so I am really glad we did it this way. Stratton is a BIG fan of carrying animals around with him, and this zoo was a hit! Thanks to everyone for making the zoo complete with an orangutang, elephant, zebra, tiger, bear, and other great animals!
{What is it?}
{A zoo!}
{Silly crooked smile - this is what we got every time we said "smile"}
{It was a perfect Christmas morning!}
{Bryce got a new leatherman}
{I, of course, made a haul!}
{Stratton paying with the zoo at Grandma's}
It is wonderful to share the magic of the Christmas season with family that we love so much!