Friday, April 27, 2012

Typical Day

Friday. On campus for work and school. Arms full and ready to conquer the busy day. Typical day in the life of a Roholt :) 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Birthday Boy

Bryce's birthday was on April 13. Twenty-four big ones!! We were up on the 12th pretty late so we decided to stay up until it was officially his birthday. I told him he should open his gift, but I would not let him open it until it was officially April 13. 

{3 minutes and counting}
{Such excitement}
{I think this means he likes it?}
{Ready to hike the Uintahs all summer}
Bryce has had his eye on this pack since Christmas. He said he needed something he could haul all his gear in when he works for the Division of Wildlife this summer. He is ready to go now! Later on in the evening we had our family over for some cake and ice cream. All members of both of our families made it! It was so nice to see them all! It was pretty low key but it was fun to celebrate Bryce! Bryce got some Mt. Dew and Coke (our family knows him well), tennis shoes, fishing stuff, and a cool mosquito repellant contraption. Thanks for all the love and support, family!

{Happy Birthday Bryce!!}
{He got them all out!}
I hope you had a great day Bryce! 
You are so special and I love you very much!

A little more Easter

We never made it over to Kody and Shelli's house on Easter so we just barely got a basket from them that the Easter Bunny left. 
We love it when our holiday pals leave things for us at multiple places :) 

The sweetest little things were in the basket. Other than the yummy treats there were these cute matching things for our little family. 

{Daddy, mommy, baby boy}
We are ready for our first Sunday at church! Our little Mr. is already getting spoiled! Shelli also gave me a couple cute outfits for him. So cute and so tiny! We can't wait for him to join our family!!

Thanks so much Kody and Shelli for the thoughtful gifts!

Monday, April 9, 2012

And it begins!

Beautiful blossoms...

...and never ending weeds! 
Happy Spring!

Easter Weekend

We had a nice Easter weekend! Saturday was a long but very wonderful day. It started at 7:00 am when Bryce got home from working the night shift at Lee's and we headed out to Mendon to get our Bountiful Basket. If you don't know what that is, you are missing out! It is a basket full of fresh produce for $15. We get bread too (5 loafs for $12). It is a good deal and so yummy! When we got home, Bryce went to bed for a bit before he went fishing and I started getting ready to paint the baby's room. Washing, patching, puttying, taping, and painting! It was a big project for this little pregnant girl! I had to stop for several little breaks but I finally got the job done. I am happy with the results!

 When Bryce got home from fishing we headed over to Tremonton. My parents were out of town so we stopped by their house to feed Ned and the chickens. Then it was on to the Easter BBQ at Bryce's folks house. It was a really fun night! We colored lots of eggs, ate yummy food, hunted eggs in the dark with our flashlights, and enjoyed visiting with each other. It was a nice evening!
{Our masterpiece eggs}
When we got out of bed Easter morning we had our own little festivity. I hid several eggs around the house for Bryce. Each one had a little slip of paper in it that told Bryce what he got with that egg. It was pretty simple but I sure enjoyed giggling as I watched Bryce hunt around for the eggs!
{Ten eggs and ten prizes}
Of course, like always, Bryce surprised me with something I have been wanting FOREVER! A no gravity lounge chair! I was SO excited when I saw it when I came into the living room! 
Thank you, honey! I love it!
{My new favorite piece of furniture}
The rest of our Sunday was just as good. We walked to church in the glorious sunshine, sang with the ward choir, substituted in the nursery, and visited with several neighbors as we walked back home. It really made me thankful for the life we live! I worry like crazy thinking about how we are going to make things work once our little Mr. joins our family, but it is days like yesterday that remind me life is good and we are so blessed! 

Happy Easter from the Roholts!

Conference Weekend

We had a wonderful conference weekend! It all started off with a lovely little picnic of oatmeal and grapes to watch the Saturday morning session:

I fully intended to document our entire conference weekend but it did not happen. We had a lot of fun though! We watched the Saturday morning session at our house, ran some errands, then listened to the afternoon session in the car on the way to my mom and dads house. We were meeting them so Bryce could attend the priesthood session with the Bennington boys. Priesthood session has always been a fun time. It has been a tradition for as long as I can remember that all the Bennington boys  (Grandpa, dad, uncles, cousins, and others) would go to the priesthood session together in Roy. That would leave all the girls at Grandma's to play and chat. It is fun to see how the group has changed over the years. At first, my dad and uncles were the ones going to the session. The aunts and the cousins would play all night. Now, we have new family additions and visitors going to the session as well. New cousins and babies are also around to play with. It sure is fun to see our family grow and change! 

Conference was, as always, wonderful! I got a lot out of the talks that I listened to. I especially liked the talk given by Dieter F. Uchtdorf. It was an inspirational weekend. I have a lot to feast on for the next couple months!