Monday, March 8, 2010

New Baby...YAY!

Check out our new baby! We are so excited to welcome this new sweet red car into the Roholt Family!

We bought this little beauty on March 6, 2010 at Utah Carzz in Logan Utah. We had quite a few problems with our old car and it was going to take quite a bit of money to get them all fixed, so Bryce and I decided it would be best to just be done with it and get something we love.

After test driving tons of different makes and models, talking to friends, family, and car dealers, and reading consumer reports, we decided to get this little Kia Optima. Guys, this car is loaded! Leather seats, heated seats, automatic seats, sunroof, 6 disk CD changer, and, my favorite, RED!

The car has low miles and feels practically brand new! We are so excited! It was a fun and very eventful Saturday!