Friday, April 22, 2011

Mornings with Bryce

I love waking up with Bryce! It is so nice to wake up and roll into his arms! I just love being there! This morning was one of those mornings. I knew I was risking being late for work, but I just could not bring myself to leave the bed. I have never been much of a snoozer. When the alarm sounded, my feet hit the floor and my day began. That has sure changed a lot in the last year. I can snooze for a half hour! I'm sure I would do it longer, but my phone alarm finally shuts off after a half hour worth of snoozing.

Thanks you so much Bryce for cuddling me! It is one of my favorite places to be! Not so good for my punctuality...I am willing to make sacrifices though :)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Boy!

As of last Wednesday, Bryce is one year older and wiser too! We had a fun week of celebrations! It started 2 Saturdays ago when we traveled up to Idaho to visit Bryce's grandparents and we finished it up last Saturday with a BBQ with Bryce's family. With his birthday being in the middle of the week and our life being so hectic, we decided it was best to celebrate on the weekend. We were pretty low key on his birthday. We just had tacos and some ice cream. It was a good birthday though!
Bryce got some really nice things!

~Bow string wax and a quiver for practice~

~2 different cases for all his bow accessories~

~A very nice bow case~


~He was SO excited for this!~

I know what you are thinking?! He is a bit obsessed, isn't he :) Well, yes, he is! But, it is so cute! And I'm glad he got all set up for the hunt! (Hunting is quite the expensive hobby!) It was funny, after his family left he went and got all his bow stuff and brought it into the living room and got it all situated.
I'm glad he loves it so much!

Happy Birthday, Bryce! I hope it was a great one! Love you!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Night Alone

Bryce has worked for the same pallet warehouse for about a year and half now. We have been so fortunate for him to have the job! His boss, James, is absolutely wonderful! Bryce is such a good worker that James pretty much lets him come and go as he pleases. It has really turned out to be a huge blessing. Recently, Bryce's role at the warehouse has changed. He is now the official pallet sorter. It's great because he will be able to do it during the summer part-time so he can keep doing it during the school year full time (not 40 hours, just every day). He does it every evening right now. This means that when I come home from work, I tend to have a lot of "me time." It is a time I have really come to appreciate since I've been married. I love to be with Bryce, but every once in a while it is nice to just have some down time when I don't have to be entertaining Bryce. (Wives, you know what I mean...husbands are like kids! Am I right?!)

Tonight when I found myself at home alone I was a little unsure of what to do with my time. All I knew was it was a beautiful day outside and I wanted to take advantage of it. I walked out on our deck and decided to take a trip around the yard. We have a beautiful yard! It is quite a nice size and now that the snow (FROM THIS MORNING) is gone it is super green! Directly around the house we have curbed flower beds. There are a lot of plants in them...what they are...I'm not quite sure yet, but I'm sure we'll find out soon ! In the front yard we have 3 trees with curbed flower beds around them. As I walked out to get the mail I noticed there were several little weeds in these front beds. I figured there was no better time to get them out of there then a beautiful evening such as this. I went right inside, changed my clothes, found me a weed bucket, and went to work. I remember one summer when my dad had me and Cole weed the garden. I swear weeding should be against child labor laws!! It is hard work! But tonight, I found it rather relaxing. It was nice to feel the cool spring air and hear the birds chirp. I weeded all of the beds!

I'm actually quite proud of myself!

~My FULL weed bucket~

~Proof of my hard work~

The beds have no weeds, dinner is in the oven, clean dishes are put away... I think it was a very productive night alone. And, I already know what I will be doing next time I find myself at home on a nice spring evening...

~The next project~

I'm so excited to have a garden! It will be fun to put some hard work into something that is mine. I think that is one of the best parts about having a home of our own. Now when we work here, we can take pride in it! I have one more task that I want to get done...

~Wierd moss like feature found in the east flower beds...will this flower? What the heck is it?!~

Find out what all the plants are that are in the beds!

Things I have learned tonight:

1. We have a beautiful, healthy yard.

2. The soil here rocks!! After all those years of having my dad complain about the crappy Garland soil, now I know what he means! Our dirt is so lovely! It is dark and does not make a rock soilid ball when you try to move it.

3. There are sure a lot of worms in our yard! I hope our kids can go find night crawlers with their dad like I did :)

4. I enjoy weeding! Who would have thought?!

5. Blogger is not very user friendly some days!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Kinda Special!

Bryce and I had a great weekend!

It started off with the Twiss wedding! Congrats Jenn and Scott! We love you guys! We went to their reception on Friday night and their sealing and luncheon on Saturday. What a beautiful wedding!

After the luncheon we headed to Idaho. First we stopped to see Bryce's grandpa Zoellner. We had not seen him for a while so it was fun to visit. We left his house with several treasures! Bryce's uncle recently passed away...his grandpa gave us several things that belonged to him. I know they will be things we will value forever! He also let us take a look around his "Antique Room." There were SO many neat things in there! Old lanterns, books, radios, stoves, roller skates, shotgun shells...the list goes on and on! We are going to get a really sweet old typewriter from him. One of the things I liked best about the room was it reminded me of a shed in the back yard of my old house. It smelled just like it! It was so fun!

Our next stop was the main event!! Bryce's grandpa Gail's house. Bryce's grandpa is a very creative and handy guy! One thing in particular that we love that he makes are coat/hat racks. We have seen several that he's made and each time Bryce has said, "I would love to have one of those from him." I figured I could help in the matter!! Bryce's birthday is this Wednesday so a couple weeks ago I called Gail and asked if he wouldn't mind taking some time to make Bryce one of his famous racks. He was so wonderful and said YES! It was a huge surprise! I got to tease Bryce about it for almost 2 weeks! He had no idea what he was in for! We got there and the rack was sitting on the front porch! I brought it to Bryce's attention as we walked up the porch. He got a huge smile! I think he knew then what was coming! We had a great visit with Gail and Clarice! They are so kind! We had cupcakes and ice cream with them! I loved getting to know them better!

Our last stop on Saturday was Riverdale Resort for some relaxing in the hot pools. We didn't stay too long because the bottom was kinda slimy and we got bored, but it was nice while it lasted.

On Sunday we went down to Roy for Kaiya's blessing. Jeremiah did a beautiful job! It was fun to see my grandparents and family and play with all the babies!

Over all, it was really a special weekend. I have not really spent a lot of time around Bryce's family so it was good for us to get to know each other a little better. We also got a lot of neat things that we will be able to cherish for years to come! We loved being able to spend so much time with each other and our family!

~Birthday Cupcakes~

~Bryce and Grandpa Gail~

~Cupcakes for Kaiya's baby blessing~

PS...I made these cupcakes with a little help from the brilliant Whitney Robbins! She is so great! Thanks for the help Whit!

Monday, April 4, 2011


Spoiled as usual, Bryce and I went to a concert this last weekend.
GEORGE AND REBA!!! Best concert EVER I am sure!

We saw 3 of country music's greatest!
It was Bryce's first concert! Go big or go home right?!

LeeAnn Womack opened, Reba sang for about 2 hours, then George sang for about 2 hours.
That's right, it was a 4 and a half hour concert!!

Not only did we get to see our favorite country stars, but we also were surprised with Melissa Peterman. She came out when Reba was mentioning her role in the Reba tv series . She was absolutely hilarious! She and Reba talked for a bit then she stayed on stage as Reba sang the theme song for the Reba tv show; I'm a survivor. Certainly not a favorite song, but I was laughing so hard through the entire thing!

The day was so great! We ate dinner at Tucanos, got our favorite Rocky Mountain Chocolate Company caramel apples, then headed to the concert. What a blast!!