Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's Been Four!

I can hardly believe that Bryce and I have been married for four years! Holy cow! Time really does fly by! I am happy to say that it was been four, wonderful years. Bryce is truly a man of great worth. He beats the odds, rises to the occasion, and serves all those that are around him. I am proud of him everyday for all he is and does. He is an excellent spouse and friend to me, and the sweetest daddy to Stratton. Thanks, Bryce, for all you do for our family! I sure love you!

Bryce and I celebrated our anniversary this year with a night to ourselves. Stratton had a sleepover at grandma and grandpa Bennington's and Bryce and I used a free night stay that I had for the USU University Inn (thank you advising conference prize raffle!). We went to dinner at HuHot and headed to the inn. 

We had both been feeling a bit under the weather for a few nights leading up to our anniversary stay, so that was kind of a bummer, but it was great to share some time along with each other. We exchanged gifts at the hotel, and of course, Bryce out did me again.
{Since we have been married, Bryce has been keeping track of all the different temples we have been able to attend. This shadow box has a picture of us in front of the Bountiful temple, where we were married, and a large mat that we can write dates/pin pictures of the temples we have attended. Such a sentimental idea!}
{He also gave me a shirt, some Christmas movies, and a treat. Yup...sure out did the U State sticker I got for him. It was so lame we did not even document it. Sorry, honey.}
It was a good night for some quality spouse time. I am not sure how I got so lucky so have found such a good husband. Thanks again, Bryce! Life is good!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Roholt Family Pictures

It is fun to have a photographer in the family. It means that you get to have fun photo shoots that turn out pretty pictures like these:

{Roholt Family - August 2013}
 Thanks, Shelli!

Friday, November 15, 2013

Family Travels

Our family had the fun opportunity to take a little trip a few weeks ago. It started when I was asked to represent the USU College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences at the National FFA Convention. It sounded like an adventure, so I said I was game. The National Convention was in Louisville, KY. It was quite a sight to behold. We are talking 55-60 THOUSAND little blue jackets running around the Louisville Expo Center. What a riot! USU had a booth at the expo. It was fun. We talked to students and tried to share the good word about Utah State. I think that part was a success. We were able to play a little bit of tourist in Louisville while we were there. We ate dinner at a few fun places, and also got to hit up the Louisville Slugger Museum, and Church Hill Downs. Obviously, these places were the highlights of the trip. 
{I am no baseball bough, but I thought seeing "Babe's" bat was pretty neat.}
{I wish I could have figured out the gambling machines. I said I would put my money on horse six: Grit and Grace. Low and behold, the horse won!! Darn the complexity of the gambling machines! This place was super cool!}
{The fact that I have this picture is a miracle! This was one of the few things I wanted to see when we were in Louisville. I had seen pictures of it, and I think it is SUCH a good idea, because who really knows how to say the name of this dang town?! Ashlee and I were driving to the Louisville Slugger Museum and we drove past this sign. Hooray!! So we made our way back to it and got our picture! Excellent!}
I was with a fun group, so the trip was a hit! Thanks, USU, for sending me on a trip that would lead to a family vacation. 

That's right. When I found out I would be going to Louisville, I figured it would be a great opportunity to go see Whit and Curtis, who live in Daphne, Alabama. It was about 8 hours away from Louisville, so I figured I'd drive down and see them for a few days. To wrap up a long story, originally Bryce and I thought it would be fun if he and Stratton joined me to go see Whit and Curtis. When we looked at the cost of rental cars and plane tickets, we decided we just did not have the money for it. I still wanted to go, so I mentioned to my mom and dad that they should come. The following day my dad called me up and said they were both coming with. I was so excited! It would be a fun little vaca. I also thought it would be great if they brought Stratton with them. I would be missing him and Whit would love to see the little man. Well you can imagine that Bryce was feeling a bit left out at this point. We decided to buckle down and go for it. We booked Bryce a flight the trip turned into a family vacation. I am SO glad it did. The time we spent with Whitney and Curtis in AL was priceless. It was fun to see what their life, so far from home, is like. I loved it!! It was beautiful and quaint. It was also awesome to see Whit and Curtis. We miss not having them around. Stratton LOVED Whitney, and I think the feeling was mutual. It was so fun to play tourist with them and see a bit of the South.

{We flew in to New Orleans, LA. We headed to the touristy part of town to see what fun things we could see. My goodness!! I was a sight to behold. Brothels, bars, and other unmentionables. Not really a place I was proud to be pushing my child through - although I will admit he loved the music. He danced and watched as we strolled through the masses. Lets just say Princes and the Frog was not filmed on Royal Street.}
{We ate some beignets at Cafe Du Monde and saw Jackson Square. These things were more up my alley.}
{Cotton fields told us we really were in the South.}
{Stratton loved sitting in Whitney/Maizee's chair. Look how proud he is! He was SUCH a good guy the whole trip!!}
{We went to the beach in Gulf Shores, AL. Beautiful day! The sand was white and the air was warm. I could get used to that kind of life!}
{All the tourists at the beach.}
{Stratton and Whit checking out the water. He loved her!}
{Bass Pro Shop. Stratton was sleeping (yay).}
{I will admit I was a little nervous!}
{There were so many boardwalks and piers to check out.}
{My dad had to try every Southern thing on the menu - for breakfast, frog legs! He said they really did taste like chicken!}
{This night was the highlight for Bryce! Fishing and crabbing at the Fair Hope Pier.}
{Fair Hope was a little town near Whitney's house. It was so cute! This was at the fire station/town museum.}
{I was nervous to not be there for Stratton's first flight. Bryce and my mom and dad said he was a champ, though. He is such a ham that I figured he would be. I loves to have attention. One of my favorite things was to watch him at the airport between our flights home. He was standing right out in the middle of the walkway waiving to the soon to be passengers as they headed to the gates. One guys asked me if he was the mayor, ha. He might as well be! I sure love my little ham!}
 Thank you, Whit and Curtis, for hosting a bunch of crazies for a few days. It was seriously such a blast! We were glad to see that you guys are in such a fun place. It was quaint, and we know you are having a grand adventure. I am glad we were able to come for a visit! Sure love you guys! Roll tide!!