Friday, July 22, 2011

We had a day off!

I have a summer passion...POOL DAYS!! There is nothing better then having a hot summer day to sit pool side and soak up some sun! I really just enjoy it so much! I also like to take Bryce with me whenever possible! I am not sure he likes it as much as I do, but he puts on a smile and seems happy to go! Thanks honey! With Bryce working 7 days a week this summer, I knew I would never get the chance to go to the pool with him. So, at the beginning of the summer, we picked one random day to both take off so we could set it aside specifically to be a pool day. We were both so excited to have a day we could sleep in together and have some fun! When the day off finally rolled around, of course, the forecast was thunderstorms! Naturally! We had some errands to run so we figured we'd get them done and give the day some time to clear. It sprinkled and threatened rain all morning! Finally, after lunch, I made an executive decision and said we were going to the pool rain or shine! I was determined to get there with Bryce! It ended up being a great time! I got a bit chilly when I was in the water and the sun was behind the clouds, but for the most part, it was a beautiful afternoon!
Does not get much better than this!
I got to work on my tan and Bryce got some color too...unfortunately, it was nothing but RED :) It was a fun day though! It's days like these that make us wish we never had to work so we could be at home all-day, every-day with each other! Too bad that will not be a reality for another 60 years!
Oh well...until then...Life is Good.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


We had a wonderful 4th of July vacation this year. We went to Colorado with the Gygi clan (my mom's side of the family). Several months ago my mom's brother, Darrell, moved from Thailand to Denver, CO. For our family vacation we figured we may as well see some new country and meet them in Durango, CO. Not meeting in the middle whatsoever for them, but hey, what a great idea it turned out to be! We all had a blast! It was a TON of driving but that is usually how Bennington Family vacations go! It really took me and Tyanna back...there we were...driving in a mini van. Mile after mile. Hour after hour. Seriously! But, this time we had our husband with us! It was great!

The pictures will show the highlights.

Here we go in the RENTED min van!
Beautiful Monticello Temple.
Finally to Colorado!
They need a more beautiful sign if they are going to claim they are colorful!
Mesa Verde National Park.
Climbing down into a kiva.

Another state to add to the tally!
Four Corners...we've now kissed in Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico...all at once!
Waiting at the station for the train to leave.
The train from Durango to Silverton was a BLAST!!
The train went right past our hotel. It was so fun to waive at the passengers!
Like I said, such a fun trip! We saw a lot of beautiful country and made a lot of memories with the good ol' family! We missed those that were not able to come! Thanks Grandpa for taking our family on such a great trip! We love you!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How does your garden grow?! And more!

Our garden has been growing like this...
It has been so fun to see the progress!
It is also fun to know we will be eating out of it soon! I can't wait!
And way more! YUM! 
Here are some pictures of other things we've been up to.

So, as you can see, summer has been good to us! We can't believe it is half over! We still have so much we want to do!
How does time fly so fast?! 

Over the 4th of July we took a great trip to Colorado with the Gygi family. More to come on that later! Life is Good!