Thursday, August 30, 2012

Proud Mom

Well, I had these pictures and 
I needed somewhere to show them off. Enjoy!
{Stratton TOTALLY crashed after a feeding one night! So cute!}
{Another sleeping baby picture. He had never fallen asleep in his bouncer before.}
{Big Stretch! Love his frog feet on the frog blanket!}
{Dad trying to get a smile out of the little Aggie}
{Go Aggies!!!}
{This is Bryce's favorite thing! He asked me to take this picture! Cute}
{Grown up boy in his polo and jeans! Ah, I can't get enough!}

Tony Grove

Whitney and Curtis invited our family to stay with them at Tony Grove a couple week ends ago. We took them up on it, and it was wonderful! We stayed two different nights with them.We went out on the canoe, Bryce fished and hunted (it was opening week of the bow hunt), ate good food, and relaxed. The company was wonderful and the weather was fantastic! 
{Hanging out in the tent}
{All wrapped up with Whit}
{Family photo!}
{Happy Stratton}
{Stratton was having a good time talking to grandma Bennington}
{Snoozing on the camp chair ~ I loved his little feet poking out!}
 Thanks, Whitney and Curtis for giving everyone a reason to get out and have some fun! We all really enjoyed ourselves!

Our Chair

I have a new favorite hobby...rocking Stratton in our chair!

 We got this little beauty a week or so ago and I am in love! it is soft, cozy, and perfect for cuddle time with my favorite little buddy! Oh, I love him so much! I am glad we found the perfect chair for mommy/Stratton bonding time!

2 Month Check Up

This week we went to Stratton's 2 month well check. The doctor said he is tall, skinny, and healthy. He weighed in at 12 lbs 11 oz. I was glad to know he is getting enough to eat, I always wonder! He went from being in the 30-something percentile in height and weight to being in the 67th and 83rd. WOW! Growing boy! He was a champ for his shots. I think it was almost as hard on me as it was for him. I told the nurse I hope she did not need my help because I could not watch! Stratton screamed for about 20 or 30 seconds but then just whimpered until he fell asleep (for about the rest of the evening!). He is such a good baby! I am glad we got a sleeper instead of a screamer when it comes to painful things! 
Way to go, buddy! You did great!
{Looking good to head to the doctor}
{This was about a minute after his shots ~ pretty good right!!}

Growing Boy

Stratton is already growing up so fast! It is fun to see him learn and develop. I am amazed at how quickly it happens. 

Here are some things we have noticed: 
6 weeks he found his right hand; 
7 weeks he found his left hand; 
7 weeks he started to smile purposefully; 
7 weeks he started to recognize our faces;
about 7 or 8 weeks he started talking back to us regularly;
8 weeks he smiled at us as when we came to get him from his crib;
9 weeks he started staring at his feet;
9 weeks he started rolling his tongue around and sticking it out. 

I am sure there have been other things we have noticed about him, but those are the ones that have made me most excited. He is also getting so strong! He really loves to hold up his own head and he about kicks himself off my lap if I am not careful. It is fun to start seeing his little personality. He is such a fun boy! 

{8 weeks}
{9 weeks ~ he was too happy to not kick his legs!! :)}
{10 weeks ~ first time in jeans, cute right!}
{Trying out the bumbo ~ his head is resting on the couch, but he is getting pretty strong!}
{Happy guy riding up to school}
{Our happy man!}

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Stratton's Newborn Pictures

I realized I never posted any pictures from Stratton's newborn photo shoot. These pictures were taken when Stratton was just eleven days old. A good friend I met through school took them. She did a fantastic job and we really appreciate her sharing her talents with our family!! Thanks, girl!
Stratton is just about as precious as they come!! We are thankful each day for the joy he brings to our family! Love you little man!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Love Bath Time

{Is this not the cutest face!!}
{All Clean!}

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Stratton's Special Day

Today we blessed Stratton at church. It was wonderful! Bryce did a great job with the blessing and Stratton was a little angel (at least for the actual blessing...). It is amazing to know we will be with Stratton forever! We love him so much! We had a little lunch at our house after the meeting. We are grateful so many of our family members were able to make it! Thanks to everyone for all the help! We have a great family!
{Getting ready to head to the church}
{This was the best family shot we got}
{Blake, Mona, Wendi, and cute Dorothy}
{Cosner, Paige, Tyanna, Trevor, Wyatt, Shelli}
{Bryce's Grandmas Jan and Dorothy and James}
{Chris, Paula, Grandpa Gygi}
{More guests}
{More guests}
{Mom serving up the Sloppy Joes}
{My grandma and grandpa Bennington}
{4 generations of Roholts!}
{4 generations}
{Mom and Stratton}
{Stratton with his great grandma Dorothy}