Friday, August 16, 2013

Nothing Like the Summer

One day near the beginning of my first school year up at Utah State, I was on my way to work in the student center, and I walked passed a little concert happening at the TSC patio. Low and behold it was Carmen Rasmusen. She is no George Strait, but I did know who she was. Mostly because one of her songs is truly my summer theme song. "I love those summer days! There ain't nothin' like the summer!"

How this song identifies with my feelings about summer. This summer was no exception. I have cherished the long days with my sweet little family. Like everything else in our life, we had our fair share of running around and being crazy, but we were able to make so many fun summer memories. 

My summer schedule at work was very flexible. I was able to leave around 2 pm most days. That means me and my little Stratton man had almost half the day to enjoy together. He is such a sweet little thing! WILD, but sweet. I love his cute little personality. I can already tell he is going to be handful for Bryce and I, but he is worth every bit of trouble. Bryce worked for the US Forest Service in Logan. He also got off quite early. It was great to have so much time to spend together. We were able to do a lot of fun things. Here is a recap in pictures:
{Bear Lake - 3 weekends in a row!}
{Stratton loved the water and the sand at Bear Lake!}
{Stratton got to be a big boy and drive with daddy as we drove up to Franklin Basin for camping with the Chandlers}
{Watching out Great Grandma Bennington's front window}
{Gygi family vacation at Flaming Gorge}
{Gygi gang}
 Camping at the Grey's River {photos to come}

{Date night at the Martin Harris Pageant with the Petersen's}
{Cache County Fair - Stratton LOVED the animals!}
{We actually went 2 nights so he could get double the fun!}
{We played with cousin Sawyer a lot this summer. Stratton loves to tell him "hi!"}
{Enjoying Ravioli - yes, he slicked his hair forward with sauce, nice}
{Stratton loves reading books before bed!}
 Yes. Summer 2013, you were good to our family. 

One more excellent thing to celebrate this summer is the fact that I do not have to attend any more classes for my masters degree!!! Hallelujah!! I am done!! I have to complete my internship this year - only a mere 600 hours - but I do not have any more classes. Tuesday night freedom, here I come! 

We are thankful that we are blessed to have such a happy life. 
Life is good!