Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Going Going Gone

What a fun December we have had! It seems like we spent most of it in the car heading to one place or another. We have been thinking it has kinda been a bummer to be driving so much, but I don't think we would have had it any other way! We were able to see both sides of my family on Christmas Eve, both sides of Bryce's family on Christmas day and we did a lot of fun things. Here are some highlights...

First things first: We had the most beautiful tree EVER :) Our plan was to go cut one in Idaho but we were too slow on that idea because the store said they sold out all the we went on to the next best thing: buy the tree at Lowe's! We thought it was the greatest thing to sit and admire our fabulous tree.

My family went to a show in Salt Lake and Bryce and I headed down early so we could check out the lights at Temple Square. We were there when the lights all popped on and that is something neither of us had ever seen before :) it was kinda cool. The night was foggy and super freezing but we still were able to enjoy the sweet spirit of Temple Square.

We were pretty spoiled this holiday season! Both of our parents told us Santa must have not got the memo that we moved out because he left presents for us at their houses! What good parents we have! Some of Bryce's favorite gifts were a Leatherman, Ariat boots and a foot spa. In my list of favorites is a Willow Tree Nativity set, cloths (Bryce did a great job I did not have to take anything back!) and cute jewelry. Our first Christmas was a fun an successful one!
We were also able to go bowling with high school friends, check out the elk at Hardware ranch, cook with our new dutch oven, and...have a lot of adventure like running out of gas completely and literally roll into a gas station :)

What a wonderful married 2009 it has been! The Roholts are ready for 2010!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Life is good!

May we present...Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Roholt! Well, it has been one month since the magical wedding day. In honor of the anniversary I thought I better officially join the rest of the world with a blog. So...I am still learning, but here ya go for post number one!

Life is good. Bryce and I live in Logan in the cutest little two bedroom apartment on 1000 N. All is well! I am working in the Admissions Office at USU and Bryce supervises the detailing at Deals on Wheels. Our little apartment is pretty much set up and we are ready for the holidays with my favorites part of the apartment right now...the Christmas tree! We have all that we could want or need :) Life is good!