Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cousin Bath

We LOVE bath time at our house. Last week Tyanna and Sawyer were over visiting, and it was time for Stratton's bath. I said we should bathe the boys together. My goodness, was it fun! Sawyer was SUCH a wild man! He was splishing and splashing all over the place! Stratton was a little bewildered. I think he was wondering why Sawyer was trying to climb all over him and take over his relaxing bath time. I could not stop laughing. Sawyer had little red bump spots on his head from turning around, and around, and hitting his head over, and over, on the sides of the tub. He was so funny! We love having the Spack Pack so close! We are so glad we can get together with them regularly, and that our little kiddos can play with each other. Yay for cousins!

{Stratton wanted to "hold" Sawyer}
{Cousin Bath 2014}

Valentines 2014

We had a fun valentines at our house this year. I did a little fourteen day thing for Bryce. Nothing too exciting; just some treats, pop, a shirt, and a few other random things in the cups. It was fun though! We were also able to have a night out which was way fun! Angie and Adam invited us to go out to dinner at Olive Garden with them. I am glad we did it. Getting a little dressed up and heading out without Stratton was nice! The company and the food were great too!We had dinner the night before valentines day. The day of, we ate dinner at home. Bryce made this delicious pork loin thing. YUM! I am so lucky to have had two valentines this year. I sure love those boys of mine!!

{Bryce got to "punch" one cup each day}
{Dinner at Olive Garden with Adam and Angie}
{Homemade dinner with my two valentines}