Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bathroom Makeover

Bryce and I have lived in our home for a year now! I can hardly believe it! It seems like we just moved in! I still tell him sometimes when we are pulling in the driveway, "I love our house!" It really has been awesome to be home owners! Anyhow, we figured it was about time to make our mark on the house. I have been wanting to frame the bathroom mirror for ages and we finally got around to making it happen this week. Here are some before shots I found: 

{From the bedroom to the bathroom}
{From the hall to the bathroom}
Nothing too exciting. White walls. Gold light fixtures. I wanted to warm up the room just a bit. Tan walls. Framed mirror. New light fixtures. And, I LOVE how it all turned out!  

Cute right?!! It really feels so different. We had a lot of help to get this silly project done! My mom has been on a painting kick the last couple months so I called her to see if she could help me get it all painted. Thankfully she was willing to give up one of her evenings to come get it done. I really like the paint color. Skinny Latte. I was a bit worried it may be too dark but it looks great on the walls. Thank you, mom! Trevor was also a huge help!! He was willing to use his woodworking skills to make the mirror frame look professional. He spent a lot of time getting the glaze on there just perfect. He and Bryce spent an evening getting it all put together and up on the mirror. So pretty! It is just what I wanted! Thank you, Trevor! 

 The light fixtures were my project. I looked around and planned on just buying new ones, then I found some textured spray paint in the garage and thought I may as well give it a go and see how it would look on the lights. It was kind of a pain and it took what felt like millions of coats to get the dang gold covered up, but I really like the end product. The spray paint was a stone texture and it really does add a nice touch to the tan walls and cream mirror.

{Gold fixture}
{Final product!}
{Still a boob light but it looks great if I do say so myself}
The last shout out needs to go to Bryce. He was super patient with me and this project. We started it kind of on a whim and had to get it done quickly for a shower that I was having at our house. He spent quite a bit of time helping me and making sure things were just how I wanted them. Thanks for that, Bryce. 

The project was a fun one! I am glad we tackled it. It was good practice for the baby's room! Now I just need to decide what I want to do with it!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Bryce has a class at school all about bugs! He learns everything about them. He is even making a bug collection for it! Yup! They take field trips to rivers and streams and look for bugs! Nice right?! He loves it! Last Saturday we took a ride up to Ogden Valley with my mom and dad. Bryce jumped out in several places to see if he could find any bugs with keeping. I could not resist the picture. Typical Bryce! Being so excited about what he is doing! He is such a happy guy and I appreciate his enthusiasm for life! Love you honey!! I am so glad you love what you are doing these days!! 

Valentines Day

It seems like Valentines is in the distant past now! I have been working on a post about it for several weeks now! It looks like it will just be easier to to give a quick sum up so I can get it done. 

As always, Bryce was TOTALLY sweet and surprised me with a valentines date at home on Monday after work. I walked in and there were heart love notes going up the stairs to a little table with two gifts and a rose on it. He made me lasagna too! YUM! (He even called my mom to make sure he was doing it right :) Cute!!) He gave me exactly what I wanted: the game Qwirkle and some maternity pants! Nothing says I love you like some jeans with a sexy elastic band at the top! I tease him about getting maternity pants for valentines day but it really was just what I wanted! I gave Bryce a silly little poster with some treats on it. Nothing too big, but it was fun. We had a nice evening at home together! They come few and far between it seems so I really appreciated it!

Thank you honey for such a sweet night! I love you!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sunday Cookies

Several weeks ago Bryce got a wild hair to make cookies one Sunday afternoon. Of course, I never turn down a treat, so we made some! It was fun! Bryce wanted to document the activity and I am glad he did!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weber State...Great!

A couple weeks back we went to a Weber State basketball game with my mom and dad. After all, it is their Alma mater. We had pizza at The Pie and headed to the game. There was no Spectrum Magic, but it was a super fun date night with my mom and dad!
{Wildcat pride!}
{I think we are cute! Go Aggies :)}

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Field Trip

Bryce seems to amaze me more and more each day! This time, I am amazed at his persistence and initiative in trying to make the most of his time now so he will be better prepared for his career in the future. He is always building relationships with people in hopes that something great may come of it when he graduates and starts looking for a job. Great idea honey!! And, I am sure it is working! Bryce worked at the Logan fish hatchery last summer, the Ogden office of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources last summer and will again this summer, he works in the USU fish ecology lab right now, and through all of this he has made lasting relationships with head honchos from the US Forest Service, Trout Unlimited, Bio-West, and other companies. He volunteers his time and always takes the lead in projects that are going on. He is such a hard worker! I couldn't be more proud!

This week I went up to the USU fish lab with Bryce between my work and class. It was so fun! And it made me realize that he really is working hard now so he will be ahead in the job game later. 
Take a look:
{His name is on the door!}
{Very official}
{Yucky fish stomachs that Bryce analyzes}
{Bryce's work station}
{Bryce love the fish lab!}
Really, it was so cool to see what Bryce spends his time doing. It was pretty gross, and smelled weird, but it was fun to have him be excited about something! I am glad he found something he loves! I love you, Bryce!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Love Month

Got the Valentines Day decor up last week!
{Thank you Tyanna for your help on this lovely wreath}
{Subway Art}
{Pretty little entry table}
It's not much, but it is fun to have a change of scenery and a dash of color! Happy Valentines Day from the Roholt's!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Good Friends

There is a lot to be said for good friends! I guess that is because they don't come along very often. It reminds me of something my dad use to tell me. He would say friends come and go, and that he only has a handful of friends that he has kept in contact with over the years. It really has proved to be true for me! I guess that is why I was SO THRILLED that I was able to meet a couple of my best friends for dinner last week.

{Alison, Brittney, Kaylee}
It was a blast to visit and catch up! These girls really have been such great friends. I am grateful for all the memories shared 
and lessons learned! Love you girls!!