Monday, January 30, 2012

One Quick Regret

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to be a negative venting session. I have never wanted my blog to be a place for that. It is more just the need to jot down some feelings :)

I have been on a job hunt for several months now. I love the job that I do but it is turning into more of a burden than I want right now. With me in school and a baby on the way, I need a job that is going to be stress and worry free. I need something that requires less of me.

I have been applying all over the place. I have had several great interviews. And you know what, I was offered one. It was a 20 hour secretary position at USU. When the gentleman called me to offer me the position, I just did not feel like it was the best decision for our family. The hours were great but the pay cut and lack of affordable benefits were not exactly right for our families needs. Throughout the interview process we developed a good relationship so we spoke for several minutes about options and what would be best for his office and best for me and my family. He was super kind! Even though I felt like it was a job that would totally rock, I told him I just did not feel like it was best. When we hung up, I felt like I had made the right decision. 

Right now, I have regrets about the decision. Right now, I am wondering how it was possible for my brain to think 20 hours at a slow pace secretary job was not 100 times better than 40 hours at a fast pace admissions office job. Right now, I wish I was packing up my admissions office and heading over to the ag building.

Well...if wishes were fishes right?!! There is not much to do about it now. Bryce has been so supportive and I appreciate his kindness and patience through all the job madness. We know something will come along!

On that note, PLEASE keep your ears and eyes open for possible job opportunities! I am looking for something that is 30 hours with benefits. Haha isn't everyone right now?! If you hear of anything good put in a good word for me and let me know!! 
Thanks all!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

We found out!

I forgot to post this picture the other day. 

After we found out we were having a boy we headed 
to Lee's for a snack and a balloon!! We are thrilled!! 
P.S. Please don't mind the no make-up look...
I was sick the day we found out! :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Public Début!

We have been a busy bunch lately! The beginning of a new year and school semester has brought good changes and new challenges. Here is a quick update:

Bryce is taking 14 credits at USU. His classes are still mostly generals, so they are not always the funnest, but I think he enjoys them. He is making a bug collection in one of his classes. He really enjoys that!! He also has been working about 30 hours a week. He works a couple nights a week at Lee's Marketplace throwing overnight freight, and he also works on campus in a fish ecology lab. He loves working in the fish lab! He is gaining good experience in his field as well as building lasting relationships that will hopefully benefit him with future job hunts. 

I am in the second semester of my masters degree. We have class weekly on Tuesday nights from 5:15-10:30. I have really been enjoying it! There are some things that get me totally excited about being a school counselor...and there are some things that could not turn me off more. It is good to be learning about the field and exactly what being a "school counselors" means. I am still working as the Marketing Specialist in the Admissions Office at USU. It is a big challenge most days but I enjoy what I do!

Bryce and I were just called as the ward Bear Scout leaders. That means every Wednesday night we have 2-3 9-year old boys running around our house. They are full of energy! I will leave my description of the boys at that! It has been so far, so good! We are enjoying getting to know more poeple in the ward through the scouting program. 

we are adding to the madness!!

{Baby Roholt due June 18, 2012}
That's right folks! We will be adding a baby to our family in June! We are so happy and could not be more excited!! We kept the news to ourselves for quite some time and then as we got further along we kept wanting to be able to tell more and more people in person so this is the first big public announcement :) Things with the pregnancy have been going super well. I was sick from about week 7 to about week 15, but I am feeling really good now! Last week added a new element to the fun when we found out: 

{boy parts}
Haha :) We are thrilled! So, let the advice and unwanted baby items start coming! We are grateful to be on this new journey! We don't really know what is in store. Who ever really does as new parents?! The only thing we are sure of is that things will work out how they should! And we are SUPER excited! Life is good! 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Out with the New in with the Old?

Yup... That is about right for our family right now. We are trying to be a little more budget savvy at our house and we figured starting with cars would be a good way to go. For about the last 2 years we have been driving around the prettiest car.

We loved our Red Kia Optima! It was nice to drive, it was fully loaded, and it was beautiful! But, looks are not everything. We also were paying quite a bit for it each month. We figured it would not kill us to sell the pretty new car and get an older one that would be a bit more affordable. We also had to make room in the budget for a commuter car for Bryce. He was offered a summer seasonal position with the Division of Wildlife Resources. The office is down in Ogden. I do not love driving the truck and there is no way we could afford to have Bryce drive it down to Ogden everyday. A commuter car seemed like the obvious solution. 

This is the "old" the post is about. We found this little Camry on KSL a couple days after we sold the Kia. It had 184k miles on it but we figured that was only about half the life span for an old Camry like this. My mom and dad have a Camry that is the same year as it and it has over 300k!! We are hoping this ol' girl will be just as reliable. We paid cash (only $1600) and brought her home. So far so good. We think we got a screamin deal!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years

We took a super fun New Years road trip with Melissa and Justin Schmidt. We headed down to Zion National Park and St. George for a couple days. It was perfect! The company was great, the weather was gorgeous, and the vacation was the perfect way to end the holiday season.

We stayed the first night in a hotel just outside of Zion National Park. We went into the park the night we got into town and the next day. We did a couple hikes that were pretty fun. It was lovely. It is amazing that just a short drive can get us to such different scenery! The rock formations you can find down there are really something! We had a lot of laughs and adventures! 

~Justin and Melissa~
~Jumping off a cliff while the boys hold up the rock~
~Beautiful lookout we hiked too~
~Bryce the rock climber~
~Going back into the park~
~Being silly in the car~
~Weeping rock~
~Where is Bryce?~
After exploring Zion for bit we headed to St. George. We stayed in a nice little condo. The night we got into St. George was New Years Eve. We went out to dinner at Olive Garden and rang in the new year watching The Work and The Glory on TV. Justin was a bit disgusted at our choice of party movie but it was fun nonetheless! We popped streamers and watched the ball drop on TV right when it turned midnight so we felt we gave 2011 a proper send off and 2012 a proper welcome :)

New years day was Sunday. We went to a sacrament meeting in town then Bryce and I headed home for a Sunday nap. The rest of the day was spent enjoying the nice weather and playing games. The condo we stayed in was part of a sports complex so there was plenty to do! We played tennis, pool, ping-pong, foosball, basketball, shuffle board, and attempted to hot tub (I was too cold so we headed back to the condo). It was great! We all said how we have never played such a variety of games all in one day!

On Monday morning we woke up and headed the the St. George temple. Thankfully, that temple is open on Mondays for a half day. We were so glad! That temple is such a beautiful one and none of us had ever attended it. We did a session and it was just wonderful. I felt overwhelmed by the spirit as I finished up and met Bryce in the Celestial room. I am thankful to be a member of the church and be able to have faith building experiences like that one!
~In front of the temple~
~A beautiful temple on a beautiful day!~

This was a wonderful little trip! Melissa and Justin were so much fun! We had a lot of good laughs and made some good memories. We appreciate their friendship and were glad we chose to spend the holiday with them!

2011, you were good to us. Thank you!!
2012, welcome! We look forward to a great year!