Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Maternity Babble

I am sitting at work thinking about baby boy as he wiggles in my belly. The end of a pregnancy is a strange feeling. It is a mix of emotions for me. I am certainly anxious, a little nervous, excited, unsure... The top thing I am thinking is I wish I knew when this sweet babe will grace us with his presence. I cannot wait to see what he looks like. Smell that sweet, new-baby smell. Enjoy feeling close to my Father in Heaven as I consider that the new little life before me just left his loving presence.I am due in 5 days, but I am hoping we will see this baby 2 or 3. Fingers crossed!

I also am thinking about the change that is coming to my dear family. In thinking back to when we had Stratton, details are foggy. It was strange that we brought home a new baby as we would a new pet, but it seemed like he always fit. Life went on very seamlessly. I hope that is how it works this go-around too. I am wondering how Stratton will do with little brother? My guess is that he will love him all too much. Stratton loves to be big and help. Hopefully the novelty of little brother wears off quickly and Stratton will go back to playing with toys rather than being interested in the little guy. We will find out soon.

One thing I am certain of is that I am thankful for families. I am thankful for the love and support that my family offers Bryce and I. I am grateful for Stratton who livens up our home and our lives with his fun, adventurous spirit. I am humbled that my Heavenly Father trusts me to be Stratton's mom, and that he saw fit to bless us with another little one in our home. Above all, I am thankful to know that my family can be together forever. We have highs and lows just like everyone, but I can always rely on the comfort of my testimony of families. We are living for something much greater than this life. I am glad I know it, and appreciate that I can live it freely.

{39 weeks}


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