Friday, October 10, 2014

Holy October!

I realized today that I have not blogged since July. What on earth happened to August and September! Life is moving forward like crazy. Each time I write the date I think about what a weird thing time is. My grandma has always said the older you get the faster time goes - I am here to say she is correct!

Life is going well for our little family. Here are the updates:


Bryce is a cattleman. Come to think of it, that is where most of our time has been going the past few months (or it seems). Bryce bought two beef calves this year in hopes that he will be able to buy a few more each year and slowly work up to having a cattle business. I have to tell you, I have been impressed! He sold, like, all of his personal belongings to get some money to get things going. I am talking fishing poles, fishing reals, fishing packs, his bow and all the bow "stuff," and other random treasure he had laying around that were getting little use. He was determined to get some cows! Good for you, honey! He bought a nice (relative term, there) little horse trailer, one Holstein calf, and one Angus calf. He was in heaven! I cannot believe how much work the little things were at first (bottle feedings twice a day!!!), but Bryce enjoyed every minute. Now the calves (homer and little black) are living at my parents house. Welcome to the family, guys!

{Taken end of July at Summers Ranch in Paradise}
This spring Bryce started working for Summers Cattle Company in Paradise, UT. He moved piped for another rancher as well, and has been playing cowboy ever since. Again - he is in heaven! This fall he has been rounding up cattle that have been in forest ground all summer and he is really enjoying himself.

I think it is safe to say Bryce is also enjoying school this semester. He only has two classes that meet each week, and one is a horse class. He is learning ALL about horses. We are thinking he will be done with his degree this spring. Keep up the good work, Bryce! I am proud of you!

{Fishing and campfire up Blacksmith's Fork}


Stratton is twenty-eight months. Everyday we are baffled by something cute that comes out of his smart little mouth. He really is so smart! He loves to watch movies and can quote them after watching them only a few times. Right now he likes to watch Hercules, Brother Bear, Land Before Time, and Lion King. There are others, because he just loves all movies in general, but these are the ones he asks to watch most often. He will randomly say something, or sing something, we will have to think about it for a minute, and then we realize it is from a movie. It's pretty cute!

When we are home Stratton loves to catch bugs and put them in his blue bucket. Worms and grasshoppers are his specialty. Sometimes he will wiggle and squirm when they tickle him the right way, and he will need a small break from them, but he always comes back to them. He is his fathers son in this aspect!! Stratton also loves to play with Finn. They run around and chase each other. Cute little buddies.

{Strat LOVED the wet weather!}
Over Labor Day we took a huge leap and potty trained Stratton. It was a crazy fact it is still ongoing. We used the Three Day Potty Training Method. Pretty much just keep a constant eye on him, rewarded for success, and encouraged going in the potty for failures. The three days went well. On day six he was completely dry! I thought we were done and that Bryce and I were SO good at potty training. We then had a few days of pure frustration when Stratton would pee everywhere but the toilet. I was ready to give up but Bryce held out strong. I am glad! Stratton very rarely has accidents when he is with us. Daycare is hit or miss, but they are super great to be patient and help him learn. We love not changing diapers! Good job, buddy!!

We are pretty sure that Stratton has no idea what is coming to him in five weeks. He talks about being a big brother, but I don't think he really understands that his time as the only child is coming to an end. He has been telling everyone that he wants to name his little brother Baby Wormy. Not happening, but he is sure sticking with it :)


I am doing well. I feel like life is the same old. I love my job on campus. My students are good. We are all just trying to gear up for the leave that I will be taking soon. Baby boy is due in five weeks. I am not sure how it is going to go, but I am planning on taking a twelve-week maternity leave. The timing is horrid - registration and the beginning of a new semester - but a baby only comes once, and I am looking forward to spending time with both of my little buddies. Working 30 hours a week is glorious. I have Fridays off this semester. It has been great to spend that time with Stratton! We go on walks, read books, run errands, and just play like best friends. I LOVE being his mom!

Baby boy still has no name. There are a few that we have in mind, but nothing is shouting "Yes, that's the one!" to us. I am feeling good still, but ready to love my baby on the outside, rather then the inside. My belly has been measuring small at my last two appointments, so we will have an ultrasound next week. Hopefully we find that baby is doing well, and things are on track. I don't feel too worried.

So you can see that life is good for us. We are constantly seeing blessing after blessing. There are a lot of fun things coming up for our growing family, and we are thankful each day for all the love we have in our home! 

{Ogden Temple Open House}


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