Saturday, July 19, 2014

Two Years Old

I will say it again and again - I cannot believe that we have a two-year old child! It just blows my mind! Stratton is growing and learning so fast. He is curious and independent, which sometimes gets him into to trouble, but he is also sweet and caring. He has tender feelings and tries to do what is right. Some of the things he is doing right now that this mom really thinks are great:

- He will ask if he can do something in THE sweetest little voice. "Can I hold that?" "Can I make a mess?" Mommy, can I get down please?" "Can I play with my toys?" The list goes on. I am not sure how it started, but I love the sweet voice he uses when he is asking for something.
- When he tries to say something loud, his voice gets really gruff. Not ever really louder, just scarier. Kinda funny!
- Stratton loves to play with animals. His toys of choice are little plastic animals that don't do a think but get carried around by him. He will line them up, push them in his truck, give them drinks, etc. He just loves animals!
- Stratton loves to read books. When I get him in the morning he will usually ask me to read him a book. This whole summer, I have been late to work almost everyday. When he gets out of bed and asks me to read to him, how can I possibly tell him no?! Sitting together in his red chair is some of my favorite time with this little guy.
- Stratton LOVES movies. If Bryce gets him out of bed, he will generally ask to watch a show. His latest thing is to quote the movies. Jungle Book and Brother Bear are the movies of choice. It is really funny to see his little brain work as he watches "shows." He smiles when it is funny, asks questions about what is happening, and is sad when there is tragedy. He is so smart!
- Stratton is so smart! He knows SO many words and speaks in complete sentences most of the time, all of the colors (purple and orange sometimes give him trouble), how to count to 12, and out whits his mom and dad frequently. He certainly keeps us on our toes!

We have not gone to the doctor yet for his two year check up, but I am thinking he is about average on things. He used to be a heavy weight, but he is so busy growing and being wild now days that he is slimming right up.

On Stratton's birthday (June 22) we had a little BBQ with grandmas and grandpas, aunts, uncles, and cousin Sawyer. Stratton is sure loved by everyone! He got spoiled, as usual. It was a fun night!

{Sawyer wanted Bryce to hold him. So sweet.}
{Showing tricks on the slide}
{Bubbles from Chelsea}
{Mr. Potato Head from Ty and Trevor}
{We said look in the bag - so he did!}
{Stratton specifically said white cake with blue frosting}
{I think he liked it!}
{Pinata from Chelsea}


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