Friday, July 18, 2014

Life Moves Forward

I blogged last in the first bit of April and here it is mid-July. My, oh my, how time flies!! Bryce and Stratton are both a year older, I graduated from graduate school, our family is growing by one, we have had many great trips and outings... I have a lot of catching up to do! Here are a few words and photos to attempt.


April was a busy month. Bryce had a birthday on April 13th. Happy twenty-sixth to him! We had cake and ice cream with the fam. Not really a huge deal, but fun to celebrate Bryce!

{This was all Stratton! I LOVED it!}
I mentioned above that we are adding to our family. That's right! Baby Roholt #2 is set to arrive in November. We confirmed this great news while Bryce and I were in Florida, but today is our first world announcement of the news. We could not be happier. We had a doctor appointment this month where we got to listen and see our baby for the first time. Always exciting!!

{Baby #2 - 12 weeks}

May is SUCH a fun month with USU graduation kicking it off. This year graduation was extra exciting because I graduated with my masters degree. That is right people!! I am proud to say that I did it, and happy to say that it is over. My time in the Professional School Counselor program at USU was wonderful. I met great people who are now great friends, had awesome experiences, grew professionally and personally, and enjoyed most everything. Having said that, I have since LOVED having my Tuesday nights back. It is great to just be a mom and a worker girl now. Graduation day was a blast. A quick thank you to all the family that supported my through the three years of grad school. Especially Bryce, who probably got the brunt of it. Love you!

{Program luncheon before the hooding ceremony}
{Stratton loving his mom - LOVE this!}
{Logan cohort - sure love these guys!}
{College of Education hood}
{Oh yeah! Photo credit to Bryce - good timing right!!}

Here is a quick shot of me with my aviation students that graduated this year. I love advising, and working with great students is icing on the cake. These young people have bright futures. It is a wonderful opportunity to be part of it. Good luck to you grads!!

My favorite graduation gift is a Canon Rebel from Bryce. We bought it months ago from a friend who upgraded, but it was a graduation present. I have enjoyed learning how to use it. Still not a lot of time for hobbies, but this is a fun one when we do find time. These pictures are a few we took at the Logan Temple in May. Stratton loves the fountain at the temple, and will randomly ask to see it. Kinda cute.

We spent Memorial day at Bear Lake. Bryce had to do some quick work at the fish trap (a blog in and of itself!) so we all went up. Bryce's family joined. It was fun to enjoy the day off with them. Bear Lake is usually freezing this time of year, but that did not stop Stratton from getting right in. He loves the water and LOVES Bear lake. It was a beautiful day.

{Stratton with Grandma and Grandpa Roholt}


I don't even know where to begin here. June was a FUN month for us. Whitney and Curtis came for a visit this month, and that was absolutely the highlight. Stratton was instant buddies with Whit when she showed up at our house. She watched him a few days while she was here and I am so glad he got the time with her. We miss them desperately! It was great to have them here!

{Dinners with the fam}
{Willow Park Zoo}
{Swimming with cousin Sawyer}
{So happy to have such a wonderful family!}
{Mommy-daughter-sister sing-a-long}
{Whit's great picture of Stratton}
Stratton turned two this month! I cannot even believe I can say I have a two-year old. Crazy! I will give Stratton his own post, but here I will say, we are blessed! He is such a happy boy! He has a mind of his own, and is learning to be independent, but for the most part, he is pleasant, mindful, and sweet. I love his sweet little voice and the funny things that he says. He is the light of our home, and the joy of my life. I am thankful to be his mommy!


So far, this month has been a great one. Over the fourth we went camping with the Bennington crew in Paris Canyon in Idaho. We enjoyed camp, threw {millions} of rocks in the stream, explore Minnetonka Cave, swam at Bear Lake, and had a wonderful time. It is easy with the Benningtons. We are blessed to have them so close and be able to enjoy their company so often.

{Ninja Turtle Yahtzee}
{Bath time! Best idea ever!!}
{Swimming at Bear Lake - probably Stratton's fav part!}

{Perfect rock throwing camp site!}
{Best buddies!}
{Moment of silence for America - Happy 4th!}

Last year we got my grandma and grandpa Bennington's trailer from them. It was a wonderful addition to our family. It leaked like a son of a gun, but it served its purpose. We took the trailer camping, had a blast, but decided on our drive home that we should sell it. We had put quite a bit of time and money into repairing it, but there were things that still needed tons of work (the floor was caving right inside the door - minor detail) and we figured we should get out of it while we could. We listed it at 10 pm and it was gone at 9 am the next morning. As it drove away, I felt pretty sad. I have so many fun memories of that good old trailer. Here is a tribute to you, old Layton trailer. You were good to us! Hopefully we find a newer, nicer trailer to start making memories in next summer!!

Lastly, we found out the gender of our new little one this month. ANOTHER BOY!!!! Hooray. A girl would obviously be novel and fun, but I was hoping for a little buddy for Stratton. Bring on the bunk beds!! Seriously cannot wait! I am measuring right on track, but I don't look very big for 24 weeks. I have been feeling good for the most part. I have not been sick at all this pregnancy, but I feel like I am uncomfortable a lot. We will see how I hold up as this belly of mine really starts to grow!!

Life is moving forward and things are good!


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